The Best Prebiotic Supplement: Prebiotic+ From NaturalStacks

This is a review of Prebiotic+, a resistant starch complex which aims to provide many health benefits including better sleep quality and mood.

The product is sold by Natural Stacks, the first company to sell the CILTEP stack commercially and now the provider of many other nootropics and supplements for a better well-being.


One of the popular, scientifically-supported new dietary trends is the consumption of resistant starch, which aims to provide sustenance to bacteria within a person’s body. Specifically, for the ones that live within the human gut and are considered beneficial to their hosts.

Providing a resistant starch meal to friendly intestinal microorganisms is a great service to your body. Feeding them does not only crowd out harmful bacteria, but it also enables them to produce chemicals such as short-chain fatty acids and butyrate, which encourage good health.These starches can also be referred as prebiotics, as opposed to probiotics, which are products that contain the good bacteria themselves.

Of course, I set out on the internet to try a resistant starch product to personally test the potential of prebiotics, and I came across a familiar name – Natural Stacks.

They were the first company to offer a commercialized CILTEP stack, and they have since expanded their inventory to include other supplements.

So here I am today, with a review of Natural Stack’s very own resistant starch complex – Prebiotic+!


So, right off the bat, I’ll go ahead and say that Prebiotic+ is a little bit more than a simple resistant starch product.

It contains a couple extra goodies which help warrant its position as a higher-end product. That being said, it’s simply an enhanced prebiotic, as its name implies.
First, I’ll outline the ingredients in Prebiotic+ and explain which components are intended to do what. Next, I’ll delve into the benefits derived from Natural Stacks’ formula, mainly focusing on the resistant starch mixture itself.

Finally, I’ll give you my personal experience on the product, and explain why you may or may not want to try it yourself.


Prebiotic+ consists of green banana and unmodified (raw) potato starches, Inulin-FOS, Trehalose, and Ceylon cinnamon.

The Starches

The two starches serve as the base of the complex, and are responsible for its main benefits.

Green banana starch is what’s called a type 2 resistant starch, which is found in nature and indigestible to humans.

Heating this type of starch converts it to a digestible version that is no longer considered a resistant starch.

Raw potato starch can be either resistant starch type 2 or type 3 – the latter being a kind that forms after cooking then cooling a starch.

The concept of re-cooling the starch to gain a resistant version is why cold potatoes can make a healthy meal for those looking to cut calories in their diet.

Both starches in Natural Stacks’ Prebiotic+ serve a similar purpose. They may not be digestible by human functions alone, but they make a tasty snack to beneficial bacteria. We’ll soon get to why this is desirable.


Inulin-FOS is a combination of the chemicals inulin and fructooligosaccharide, which are both low glycemic index sweeteners extracted from chicory.

Inulin specifically is a fiber that aids in digestion, and the compound as a whole can feed intestinal bacteria.

However, the bacterial sustenance is not as targeted towards specifically good bacteria, which is why it is best combined with ample amounts of resistant starches.


Trehalose is a disaccharide that is readily broken down to glucose in the human body, and an agent known for a gelling effect within cells, providing a sort of stabilization during local dehydration.

There is some evidence that trehalose has antidepressant effects and can prevent fructose from entering the liver, which could help treat fatty liver disease.


Finally, we have cinnamon, which is a spice that originates from the bark of the many types of cinnamon trees in southeast Asia. It is claimed to have blood-sugar stabilizing effects, and it imparts a mild but pleasant flavor to Prebiotic+ when consumed. I enjoy this part, especially!


Now that we are aware of exactly what we’re ingesting, let’s go over the benefits we should get out of taking Prebiotic+.

So here’s the big deal with resistant starch.

Prebiotic+ contains resistant starch types 1, 2, and 3. When you ingest these types of starches, most of the carbohydrates are not digested nor used by your body.

In fact, Prebiotic+ provides only 92 calories per serving, which is a small number considering the 23.4 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

Instead, the energy is uptaken by probiotic bacteria that are already in the lining of your small intestine. This action has been shown to have a number of positive effects that of course, mostly occur with the gut.

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