My Experience with 3 Mood Boosters from Nootropics.com

In this article, I will review three products from Nootropics.com – a seller of premium nootropics, cognitive enhancers and smart supplements. The products I tried are all regarded as mood enhancers.


People who experiment with nootropics generally take it for one reason: we want to improve ourselves. We want to get ahead of the game. We want to increase our potential mentally and physically. But in the end, we’re all just human beings with the same cores.

Humans, no matter how enhanced internally, have feelings that influence our decisions. A bad day can happen to any of us, and we do whatever we can to mitigate the subsequent negative effects on our minds and well-being. This is why when we choose our nootropics, we often look to improve our overall mood as well – feelings affect us more than we want to admit sometimes.

Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing three nootropic supplements which have well-known positive effects on mood. Even better, they come straight from the aptly named vendor Nootropics.com, whose motto is “New or a connoisseur, don’t settle for less than the best for your nootropics journey”.


While we can’t perfectly tailor our emotional trends, we can aim to adjust them in a way that achieves balance. There are three major goals targeted by each of these substances we have today:

  • Resist fatigue and enhance motivation.
  • Ease anxiety and lift away depression.
  • Instill confidence and remove inhibition.

We now bring to the stage – in order of objective: phenylpiracetam, tianeptine, and phenibut.


Objective: Resist fatigue and enhance motivation.


If any nootropic can be called a booster to your spirit as a whole, it’s phenylpiracetam. Used by athletes and scientists alike, this drug has a unique advantage in providing physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

As a member of the broad racetam family of nootropics, phenylpiracetam boasts many familiar effects – increased focus, creativity, and memory function. However, there are some surprising physical enhancements such as resistance to cold and improved athletic performance. Many have also experienced a sense of motivation for tasks which accompanies the extra focus.

My own experience with Nootropics.com’s phenylpiracetam was exhilarating.

The product comes in a dosage of 100mg per capsule, consistent with what’s recommended on biohacking forums such as longecity.org. They are small and quite easy to swallow, with no funny tasting loose powder to deal with. This is what I’ve found with all of their products – they’re convenient to take.

Now the reason I was impressed with their phenylpiracetam was that the effects I experienced definitely lived up to the hype.

One sunny afternoon, I casually swallowed one of the capsules, about to head out to catch a train into Boston. There was no need to wait for long. Within a surprisingly quick 20 minutes or so, it hit me.

After a tiring afternoon, my brain was a bit fatigued and not as willing to comply with tasks. Well, the phenylpiracetam sure as hell changed that! I felt a wave of strong, consistent clarity which I haven’t felt in weeks washed over me. I prepared everything I needed for my trip into the city in a zippy 5 minutes, after procrastinating for the last half hour or so. Even my movements seemed very fluid and accurate, as if I could dodge a bullet.

Along with the crystal clear focus, my mood had drastically improved from that short time ago. I felt uplifted, perhaps even entertained in a way! It’s hard to describe, but my generally overactive mind felt like it had plenty of time to process everything.

There were no side effects to speak of, and my only complaint is that phenylpiracetam is a very strong nootropic that it’s really something you won’t want to take daily. It has such a stimulating effect (though not a jittery kind) that there’s no doubt your body and mind will get worked up.

Overall, it’s quite an impressive starter.