Where Can You Buy Liquid Vitamin K2 Supplements?

Vitamin K is not routinely heralded as the vitamin of necessity or the vitamin to prevent all undesirable illnesses.

However, its use is implicated in many essential process of the body and its absence would be detrimental to our survival as a healthy individual.

Vitamin K is a family of fat soluble vitamins; some of which occur naturally and some that are synthesized by the body. Vitamin K1 is the one most commonly spoken about; it is synthesized by plants and is most commonly found in our diet. Vitamin K2 refers to the group of K vitamins called menaquinones. These are synthesized by the microbes in our gut and can be found in fermented foods and animal products.

There are limited sources for Vitamin K2 supplements as the form which is most widely available on the market is Vitamin K1. However, as vitamin K2 has been gaining traction, liquid K2 has found its niche on the market.

Why is Vitamin K2 important?

There are proteins in the body that are necessary for processes like blood coagulation, bone metabolism, breakdown of blood vessels and regulation of various cellular functions which depend on Vitamin K. In other words, they are Vitamin K dependent proteins; they cannot work without it.

The current recommended daily allowance (RDA) guidelines are based on the Vitamin K1 only. Studies regarding Vitamin K2 have been ongoing and it has been found that it may be more effective in activating the proteins necessary in the process mentioned above more than Vitamin K1. Studies have even linked Vitamin k2 to the prevention of osteoporosis, though work on this area is still being done.

Generally speaking, there is higher absorption of K2 than K1. There may be more distribution to tissue outside the liver; some K2 forms survive longer in the body thereby prolonging their effect and ability to work in the body and studies that are ongoing have shown that K2 might lower the risk of coronary heart disease.

Ok, now you have my attention, where can I find Vitamin K2?

Recall that earlier, we mentioned that vitamin K2 can be synthesized in our gut? Well it turns out that this is one of the main sources of Vitamin K2.

Other sources include bacterially fermented food like mature cheeses, curd, yogurt, small amounts in meat (chicken and beef) and eggs.

If you’re a fan of Japanese food then you’re in luck. A particular traditional Japanese food composed of fermented soybeans called natto, has been implicated as the food source with the highest amount of Vitamin k2.