Nuvigil: How It Works and Where to Buy It

Have you ever felt extremely sleepy? So sleepy that you can’t get up to even eat or wash the dishes?

Well, Nuvigil (generic name Armodafinil) may be for you. It is a drug commonly give in doses ranging from 100 to 300 mg and it is approved for the treatment of narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea.

Read on to find out how it works and where you can buy generic Nuvigil.

How Does Nuvigil Work?

Nuvigil molecular structure

Nuvigil, commonly known as Armodafinil, is used for excessive sleepiness, as mentioned before.

The exact way in which it works is not fully understood. However, it is a medicine that works in the central nervous system and attempts to shift the sleep/wake cycle.

Moreover, it is also shown to boost mental clarity.

It’s important to understand what Armodafinil does because, if you’re going to take it, it’s worth knowing what it will do to you.

Where to Buy Generic Nuvigil?


Nuvigil is an FDA-approved drug, and is available as an oral tablet to be consumed once daily.

It is, however, a schedule IV drug, meaning you need a prescription to purchase it. I personally have a prescription for Provigil (prescription Modafinil), thanks to a candid conversation with my doctor, which I cover in detail here.

You may purchase a generic type for this drug from your local pharmacy. However, you need to present your prescription beforehand.

Reputable pharmacies are the best sources of Armodafinil as you are assured that you are getting real, authentic medication.

Another option for buying generic Nuvigil is to purchase from online pharmacies. The typical cost for 30 tablets of Armodafinil is $68.63.

Meanwhile, the average cost for 90 tablets is $196.63. As you can see, these tablets don’t come cheap.

I buy generic Armodafinil (aka Modalert from Sun Pharmaceuticals) from either Duckdose or AfinilExpress, depending on supply and availability.

Online pharmacies like these, however, may occasionally sell low quality batches which can have dangerous side effects. Some may not even contain Nuvigil but instead contain what are known as ‘fillers’.

These fillers are inactive compounds, which means that you won’t be getting the benefits of this FDA-approved drug at all.


Nuvigil is shown to deliver its promises, which is great for most people who need the benefits it can provide.

In addition, buying a generic for this drug is not difficult. As long as you have a prescription and you ensure that the pharmacy you will be buying from online is legitimate and reputable, you will be in good hands.

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