What Is The Best Adrafinil Dosage to Achieve Optimal Effect?

‘How much should I take?’ This is a question commonly asked when taking medication.

As with any drug or medication, every individual body is different, most respond on a standard dosage while others are ‘outliers’ – people who take medication within the standard operating dosage ineffectively.

This article will focus on the standard dosage procedures, and what constitutes the maximum effective doses of Adrafinil for the average individual.

What’s The Best Adrafinil Dosage?

Formerly known as Olmifon, Adrafinil is not recommended to be taken later than mid-morning as it is a sleep combatant.

Furthermore, the original dosing set at 600 – 1200 mg a day is considered relatively high.

According to www.examine.com, the recommended dosage is still 600-1,200mg a day, with a further breakdown stating either taking 600 mg twice, one in the morning and another one during midday, or take 600 – 900 mg one upon waking accordingly.

However, for some, this dosage may be too high, and some individuals have reported receiving a therapeutic effect at doses as low as 300 mg, and a few as low as 50 mg. Other individuals have claimed that doses above 700 mg are not necessary as they feel no difference in therapeutic effect between a 700 mg dose and a 1,200 mg dose.

A few have claimed to take 1,200 mg at a time, twice a day, with no adverse effects, and as the only therapeutic dose, they could find.

It is recommended to start with a low dose and finesse up the dosage over time. Most individuals started at 50 mg, which is perfect if you have a high sensitivity to wakefulness drugs.

Keep In Mind: It is not recommended to take Modafinil while running Adrafinil as the body converts it into Modafinil, causing an overdose and liver damage.


As with all medications, it is recommended that you speak with a doctor before self-medicating with Adrafinil supplement. These are just guidelines concerning standard dosages, and you should discuss what the best dosage is for you with your doctor and follow those directions.

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