Noopept vs. Piracetam: What’s The Difference?

If you’ve searched for the effects of both noopept and piracetam, you’ve probably noticed that they’re almost identical in what they claim to do for you.

These positive similarities include…

  • Increased memory – when digesting information, you retain more of it when you use either piracetam or noopept than if you were not using either of them
  • Enhanced focus – although you won’t notice an over-the-top stimulating effect, many users report that both piracetam and noopept add to their daily levels of focus (even on undesirable tasks like homework and household chores)
  • Mental dexterity – thoughts come to you more quickly, and you have better recollection of your vocabulary (so you can articulate your thoughts in a more precise manner on top of getting them out more quickly)
  • A mood boost – most users report a subtle mood enhancement, as in, they’re more confident in their abilities and they’re more ready to take on the world (more motivation)

…and by and large, these claimed results are accurate. (Your mileage will vary.)

But nootropic beginners are often curious on the difference. After all, it’s not like you can try both at the same time – so which should you start on?

Ultimately, it’s up to you. We’ll give you the differences so that you can make your own educated decision. Here they are.

Noopept has a greater bioavailability

In general, the recommended daily dose of piracetam is 4.8g. In general, the recommended daily dose of noopept is 30mg to 120mg.

Noopept has such a low dosage (despite the similar effects) because it has a higher bioavailability, meaning that your body can actually use almost all of what you ingest. With piracetam, much of what you ingest is wasted.

Noopept is easier to take

That increased bioavailability lends itself to a hassle-free nootropic dosing experience. That might sound pompous, but in reality, taking your dose 3x per day can become quite the chore.

If you have piracetam, you’ll be guzzling down quite a bit of powder (unless you choose to manually put it into capsules). If you’ve tasted piracetam, you know that the taste is nothing short of wretched – forcing down piracetam with water is not an enjoyable experience. You need to find some sort of flavor (juice, etc.) every time you want to take it if you don’t want that awful taste in your mouth.

On the other hand, because there’s so little noopept in each dose, you can barely taste it. Noopept and water isn’t a bad combo, and you don’t have to waste the time putting everything into capsules to make it tasteless (unless you have an overly sensitive pallet).

noopept piracetam ven diagram chart comparison

Piracetam has been tested tried and true for decades

The reason why you see piracetam as the #1 nootropic is because it’s been around for longer than any other nootropic, and on top of that, field reports from users are, for the most part, 100% positive. You will always get the select few who didn’t feel anything, but by and large, piracetam works.

We’re not saying that noopept doesn’t work! For some people, it works better than piracetam does. But piracetam has more users and a higher overall success rate – no one is denying that.

Piracetam is [usually] cheaper

This varies greatly depending on which merchant you buy from, but per dose, piracetam is usually cheaper than noopept. Always make sure to check the price per dose (and not per bottle) for both piracetam and noopept from the merchant you’re considering.

So there you have it – piracetam and noopept are very similar, but they vary in a few key areas. The thing to keep in mind is that both might not work for you… but one might. Start with one or the other depending on your preferences. If it works – great! You’ve found the nootropic for you.

If it doesn’t (or you aren’t “wowed” by the effects), you always have a fallback that will give you similar positive benefits.

Be sure to check out Nootropics Topics for more information on all things nootropic related!

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Thanks for this information — Interested to know more information on the pricing between the two 😉


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