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Update:: ModafinilMart is gone.

Please see BuyModa instead.

ModafinilMart is a new e-commerce site in the nutritional supplement market. It’s run by a team of self-described experts with six years’ experience in running “smart drug sites,” especially within the nootropic industry.

The ModafinilMart website went live in October 2018 and offers a range of modafinil and armodafinil products manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd. of India.

Hard information about the operations of such a new business is limited. But I did some scouring, some lurking, and some polling, and then wrote up everything I found in this article.


Arriving at the ModafinilMart homepage, you will be greeted by a wall of bright yellow, which may or may not be to your taste. I didn’t care for the aesthetics of it, but I was immediately taken with the simplicity and professionalism of the site’s layout. Navigation to the internal pages is easy through a clear header menu and the site’s main products are also highlighted.

And if you have any questions about the products being offered or the ordering process, the site’s Frequently Asked Questions page offers a comprehensive guide.


Of course, the product pages, the “Mart” as they are styled, are the most important aspect of the site.

These pages sell a number of generic versions of modafinil and armodafinil products. Both of these are commonly prescribed for excessive sleepiness and to help people whose work schedules cause problems staying awake, such as shift and emergency workers.

Modafinil is also being clinically trialed as a possible means of relieving stress and anxiety in combat veterans suffering from PTSD. But its primary purpose is to promote concentration and wakefulness. So you should be aware that if you’re also taking benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, to help get restful sleep, the two drugs may simply cancel each other out. It’s therefore advised that you talk to your doctor before trying this combination.


  • Modalert 200 mg

Modalert is generally regarded as the best choice for people who are primarily looking to improve their concentration for learning and study tasks; probably because it increases the brain’s dopamine levels more than the other options listed.

It’s also probably the best starter product for those new to modafinil and looking to build their tolerance, as its side effects tend to be less severe and more manageable. These nootropics are powerful drugs and should always be approached with caution, particularly if you’ve had any issues with anxiety disorders, depression, or alcohol.

  • Modvigil 200 mg

Modvigil is probably the best generic for those mostly looking for increased alertness, or who are suffering from daytime fatigue because of disturbed sleep.

It’s also usually the cheapest option; at the time of writing this article, it is priced at $42 for 20 pcs (200 mg).

  • Modaheal 200 mg

Modaheal is a new product, on the market only since 2017, and as yet there appears to be little evidence to suggest that it differs significantly in its effects from Modvigil.

However, it is significantly more expensive; currently priced at $56 for 20 pcs (200 mg).


The chemistry is complex, but armodafinil products are generally stronger than their modafinil cousins, and so are offered in smaller doses of 150 mg. Taking more than one of these tablets a day may increase the risk of negative side effects, including excessive stimulation and loss of restful sleep.

Artvigil and Waklert are the two armodafinil generics offered. Both come in 150 mg tablets and the choice between them is largely a matter of personal preference.

Waklert is generally regarded as slightly more potent in its effects on cognitive function, but it is correspondingly more expensive. At the time of this writing the ModafinilMart price was $59 for 20pcs as opposed to $49 for the same quantity of Artvigil.

It should also be said that many people find Artvigil more than strong enough, and the tablets are easy to split in two if a lower dose is preferred.

Simply click on the link of your choice and you’re presented different pack sizes, ranging from 20 – 300 pieces, depending on the product.

Customer Service

ModafinilMart states that it is committed to friendly and caring customer service and, in my polling, I saw some testimonials to back this up. Certainly the step-by-step payment tutorial videos on the homepage are very helpful, and there is a live chat feature in addition to the contact e-mail address.

Advertised opening hours are Monday-Friday 8 am – 8 pm (United States EST).


ModafinilMart restricts customers to the increasingly standard options of paying either by Amazon Gift Card or cryptocurrency.

Don’t worry if either of these options is new to you. As indicated above, the homepage explains very clearly what you have to do.

Amazon Gift Card

The option to use an Amazon gift card essentially involves buying a gift card for ModafinilMart for the exact amount of your order.

From the customer’s perspective, I can see the advantage to this in that it gives you all the payment options you would have when buying anything else from Amazon. And you also get the benefits of privacy and security offered by the e-commerce giant.

On the other hand, you lose the convenience of using the credit card of your choice directly. I also know that some customers are understandably wary of having their Amazon accounts becoming associated with the nootropics market; and there’s also some suspicion that orders paid for in this way may be more subject to delays in shipping.

But from the point of view of ModafinilMart, I’m sure these payment methods make sense as a way of addressing concerns customers might have about buying from a new site. They’re also no doubt avoiding some significant charges by not processing cards as merchants in their own right.


ModafinilMart offers a 20% discount for paying with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum. For any readers just getting into nootropics, be aware that this is fairly standard in the industry. It’s an attractive incentive, but its real value changes depending on the current value of the currency compared to what you paid for that currency. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and can change value drastically in a matter of days.

If you haven’t used cryptocurrencies before, then also be aware that some people don’t like the hassle of moving the currency between their different wallets, and the manner in which their accounts can be flagged for doing business with certain websites. The holder of the currencies is usually anonymous, but the currencies themselves are kept in open-source files. With that information, it is possible to trace where the money has been spent before (if not who spent it). Some people worry that, if their currency is attached to a shady site, they will get blacklisted from more reputable businesses.


ModafinilMart promises to ship directly to most of the world, including the US, within 7-14 days, but a list of some 40+ countries is provided for which a mail forwarding service will be required.

Orders of up to 150 pills are dispatched in a single plain envelope. For security, larger orders are sent in two or more envelopes at intervals of a few days.

As always when buying prescription drugs online, there may be a small risk of package interception, but ModafinilMart offers reshipping and refund options in the event that an order fails to arrive.


As noted above, ModafinilMart offers the usual industry discounts. So using the cryptocurrency payment option will earn you 10 free pills and an automatic 20% discount at checkout.

Paying with an Amazon gift card will also get you 10 free pills, and all new customers also receive an additional 10 free pills with their first order.

User Feedback

Before I sat down to write this article, I thought it would also be a good idea to get feedback from any of our Corpina readers who have used it.

My request generated some interesting responses, which I’m publishing below unedited, exactly as received.


Hi Dan, I have completed an order.  If you remember I originally had issues (and several more when placing the order).

Here is my conclusion – their website is not ready for prime time, the errors still persist.  When I wrote to complain about the issues they told me that they would honor two coupon codes since I was having these issues.  When I got the order, they only honored one.

The order itself as to product is good. I liked that they did not send registered mail as that is a PITA to be home for.

Unlike Afinilexpress they do not keep in contact with you regarding the progress of delivery and it also takes longer as they do not ship direct from India but rather through a forwarding service in Singapore.  I ordered on October 28 and received Nov 13 which is about the same shipping time as Afinialexpress. The prices are the same as Afinilexpress.
So right now I am sticking with AE unless my schedule will not allow me to be home to sign for a package which so far is the only thing which is better – but that is a big plus for many people.


Modafinialmart accepts way more payment methods (including Amazon) so that might be a big plus to some people.  Since I used bitcoin, it was not any difference to me.


Good product, exceptional customer service, no signature required upon delivery. Accepts amazon gift card. Free shipping. A+ rating

Will definitely reorder again.

Only drawback-

Took over 3 weeks to receive product after order was placed.


Yeas I tried it and was happy!

Quick delivery, and the Modalert I bought were good. I am going to try Wakalert next and will let you know.


I thought I would send this to you Dan, you probably don’t remember but I was having tremendous problems ordering the first time from this company that you recommended, there were so many problems and red flags I was convinced it was fraudulent, you assured me they were legitimate and you forwarded all of my emails to you too <name removed>, the owner of the company. I was wrong and you were right, although I didn’t ask you to,  if it weren’t for you forwarding those emails for me it wouldn’t of had such a good ending, and I thank you.

The Verdict

Looking at the feedback I generated, I should say that it’s not surprising that such a new venture has some teething troubles. Many respondents commented on how long it took to get the product, for example. But, ModafinilMart’s customer service seems willing to try to resolve any issues in the customer’s favor.

HAB Pharmaceuticals’ products are known for their high quality and competitive prices, so in the light of some recent high profile site closures, I believe it’s well worth trying out ModafinilMart as a potential addition to your buying options.

Any comments on your experiences, good or bad, would be really appreciated.

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