Can You Buy Modafinil In Australia?

Can You Buy Modafinil In Australia?

Curious about Modafinil?

Count yourself among the ever-growing number of individuals who are. When most people first hear about it, they find themselves intrigued by the stated effects and potential applications.

We might be getting ahead of ourselves a bit here, though. Let’s step back for a moment. Modafinil is another drug in the long line of those that have been researched and developed to keep people from falling asleep.

It’s a eugeroic, or wakefulness promoting agent that was originally developed to help individuals with narcolepsy stay awake during the day. Over time, researchers found that the drug had other applications.

Now seen as both an effective prescription drug and a potent off label supplement, everyone (figuratively speaking) is trying to get their hands on it in the hopes that it will help them maintain alertness when they need it most.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to obtain Modafinil, as the laws regulating its sale and use differ from country to country. What’s the deal with Modafinil in Australia?

That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring today, along with information about Modafinil’s uses and some alternatives you might want to take a look at.

What Is Modafinil?

We mentioned the term eugeroic, a class of drugs that helps fight off the urge to sleep. Modafinil falls in this category and is commonly used by narcoleptics to help combat their symptoms.

Researchers found it could induce wakeful states in people with other sleep conditions, like shift work sleep disorder and sleep apnea, and now it is often prescribed to help with a range of disorders. Off-label, there’s evidence suggesting that Modafinil provides a nootropic effect, something that is backed up by many users who have taken it for personal reasons.

The cognitive boost associated with Modafinil usually manifests in the form of enhanced working memory, more motivation, better reaction time, etc. You’d be forgiven for being wowed by ads and claims online that this is the “it” smart drug, capable of unlocking your hidden potential by allowing you to work longer and more focused than ever before.

While it’s not quite a super drug, savvy users might notice that its potential applications are broad, particularly for so-called “high-performers” who want an edge in the workplace. That same savvy lot might also wonder what makes Modafinil such a popular choice when there are other stimulating drugs that will provide similar effects?

Does Modafinil Work?

We can address the answer to that while simultaneously exploring questions regarding Modafinil’s efficacy.

Modafinil works. For most people, it works as well as amphetamines at helping people stay awake, and the cognitive benefits are equal to, and even exceed those of amphetamines in the opinion of many users.

The effect that Modafinil has on memory and focus, in particular, is highly desirable.

What makes it superior to amphetamines in the eyes of the masses is that it does not keep users awake at night and unable to sleep (like amphetamines might), allowing users to maintain a normal sleep pattern.

In addition to that, using Modafinil in a sleep deprived state to help stay awake does not result in rebound hypersomnia afterward. When using stimulants like amphetamines, users run the risk of becoming even more tired when the drugs wear off. Not the case with Modafinil, which, again, contributes to its popularity.

Modafinil’s level of efficacy is so great that it has seen applications in militaries, where it is used as a “go-pill” for sustaining alertness during long operations. It is also highly desirable in fields where competition is high, and participants seek out whatever edge they can find to claw ahead of their rivals.

Is Modafinil Legal?

This question is a bit more tricky than our previous one, and can’t be brushed aside with a simple “yes,” or “no.” That’s because the answer is both “yes,” and “no,” depending on where you are in the world. Furthermore, “yes” means different things in different countries. Allow us to explain.

In the United States, Modafinil is legal to use. It is a Schedule IV controlled substance, though, so that legality comes with caveats. You must have a prescription to buy it.

You cannot import it without cause. You can only bring it with you from abroad if you have the proper paperwork justifying your need, and even then, the amount you can bring is quite limited.

Even though the potential for abuse and dependence is low and the off-label applications are numerous, marketing surrounding Modafinil is strictly controlled, and cannot normally mention the secondary applications.

Just south in Mexico, though, the policies regarding Modafinil are less strict.

Modafinil is not a controlled substance here, and individuals can buy it more freely. They can even order it online and have it shipped without fear of confiscation or seizure by authorities.

Australia, for its part, follows the American model in some respects. Modafinil is regulated in Australia as a Schedule 4 drug. It can be used with a prescription to treat narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, and is sold under the brand name Modavigil.

How Do You Buy Modafinil In Australia?

The options in Australia boil down to obtaining a prescription and buying it in country, or ordering online and having it shipped.

Bear in mind that without a prescription there could be difficulties with getting imported shipments, but, many users throughout forum posts and message boards have claimed to be able to order from some vendors with no hassle.

Two such vendors are Duckdose and AfinilExpress, who ships various brands, including Modalert, Artvigil, Modvigil, and Waklert. They are well-received by their customer base for fair pricing and quick delivery times.

Another option is ModUp, who, in addition to stocking “high-quality” generic versions of Modafinil, also allows for a breadth of payment options (like crypto-currencies) and tracks their shipments for guaranteed delivery.

Adrafinil is an alternative

For those thinking the hassle surrounding Modafinil is too much, Adrafinil is another option.

You’ll notice the similar names, which is no mere coincidence. Adrafinil is an earlier stimulating drug, developed in the 1970s by French researchers at Lafon Laboratories. It became widely available in the 1980s under the brand name Olmifon.

It has a lot in common with Modafinil. It is used to treat many of the same disorders, helps promote wakefulness, staves of fatigue and sleepiness.

It might even have some of the same cognitive enhancing properties and perhaps some mood-elevating ones as well. Some of the differences come in how Adrafinil works in comparison to Modafinil.

Modafinil is faster acting. It get’s into the body and then gets cooking shortly thereafter. For Adrafinil to achieve the desired effects, the human body has to metabolize it, break it down into a new substance via the liver, then distribute it through the body. Hence, it takes longer to get to work and could contribute to liver damage in more cases than Modafinil.

Adrafinil is also less regulated than Modafinil in many locales, making it a superior option for people wanting to avoid legal headaches when obtaining their nootropic-like stimulants.

Adrafinil has been discontinued since 2011, but there are still plenty of vendors who stock it and can ship to various parts of the world.


So, in summation, Modafinil is a potent wakefulness promoting agent used clinically to treat narcolepsy and other conditions that cause excessive daytime sleepiness. It is used the world over, but not legal to the same degree in all.

Some places allow its use more freely, others restrict it somewhat, and some have banned it altogether.

In Australia, the drug can be bought with a prescription, and there are a few online vendors that will ship to you. Those not wishing to deal with Modafinil, though, have the option of sourcing some Adrafinil instead. It has similar effects but is not as tightly controlled in many areas.

Whatever route you take, make sure to continue reading up, and good luck with finding the option that’s right for you!

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