Can You Get High on Klonopin?

Klonopin is a popular prescription medication originally used as an antiepileptic drug to treat seizure disorders.

As the benzodiazepine has grown in popularity, its medical uses have expanded. In addition to seizure disorders, it’s now prescribed to those with panic disorders as well as those with anxiety. In fact, it’s become more popular as an anxiety medication than it has for its original prescribed use.

Yet according to Drugs.com, using Klonopin is not all fun and games. It carries with it a long list of potential side effects. Like all benzodiazepines, the drug also has a high risk for abuse and addiction that are highlighted by serious withdrawal symptoms.

Despite all that, many people use Klonopin recreationally without developing a habit. The key is to know what you’re doing. Here are the basics of safely achieving a Klonopin high.

What is Klonopin and Why is it Prescribed?

DrugAbuse.com lists Klonopin’s main benefits as treating seizures, panic disorders, and anxiety.

Though the drug is still sometimes prescribed for other conditions, more research is needed to gauge its effectiveness in these areas.

The chief benefits of Klonopin are a relaxing and calming effect. You don’t feel like you’re in an altered state of mind, just very anxiety-free.

Klonopin has also proven successful to help alcoholics and other drug addicts during the detoxification process.

Klonopin is actually a brand-name for the generic drug clonazepam.

It’s a benzodiazepine most commonly prescribed in tablet form. Prescriptions are for a number of conditions, most commonly seizures, panic disorders, and anxiety.

Most of those taking it for seizures should take three 0.5 mg doses each day. Those with panic disorders should start off with two 0.25 mg doses each day moving up to one 1mg dose each day if needed.

Klonopin is also commonly used in addiction recovery. Severe alcoholics, in particular, might encounter the drug in detox and treatment where it’s used to help minimize alcohol withdrawals.

Recreational Use

The Drug Enforcement Agency lists Klonopin as a Schedule IV Drug.

This classification means that Klonopin has a low risk of abuse and low potential for dependence and addiction.

Despite this classification, there’s been something of a Klonopin epidemic in the United States over the course of the past few decades.

In fact, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights considers Klonopin one of the most dangerous pills in America. The chief reason for this isn’t necessarily how addictive the drug is, but the severity of the withdrawal symptoms as well as the potential for a drug overdose.

Despite the risks of Klonopin, recreational use has skyrocketed. This is due in large part to just how easy the drug is to obtain.

An illegal black market for the drug has flourished thanks to the prevalence at which some doctors prescribe Klonopin for things as wide ranging as panic attacks to weight loss.

It’s also extremely easy to simply buy Klonopin online from a black market website and have it shipped directly to your home.

What Does Klonopin High Feel Like?

Most of those that have experimented with Klonopin, both on Reddit and Erowid, seem to agree that recreational use of Klonopin should not be taken lightly.

They agree that it’s important to take a small dose at first, refrain from mixing with other drugs or alcohol, and to never take them too frequently.

As far as the actual Klonopin high goes, one Reddit user describes it as:

“There is no euphoria to them at all, especially clonazepam which is considered the weakest to use for a buzz.”

Despite the lack of a euphoric high, another Reddit user describes the experience as:

“You’ll definitely get those relaxing, calm, couch-locked feelings.”

If you’re expecting a wild, in-your-face high, you may want to look elsewhere as one user describes:

“Anxiolytic benzos aren’t in-your-face-high at all and as someone else said elsewhere, if you’re not an anxious person you might not notice the high at all. Just remember that clonazepam has a big half life – if you keep taking more thinking you can’t feel it, it’s going to catch up with you and you’ll end up knocked out/zombified for a week.. just because you can’t feel the effects, doesn’t mean that others can’t notice them!”

Most Reddit and Erowid users agree that the high is similar to the relaxed, calm and pleasant high that comes with a lower dose of Xanax.

My Experience

As someone without an anxiety or panic disorder, my journey with Klonopin was solely recreational.

I wanted to experience a Klonopin high as safely as possible (as horror stories regarding the drug are numerous).

I took 0.5mg of Klonopin and felt very relaxed before I even knew it. I sat on the couch watching a movie and felt perfectly content.

The relaxed feeling was complemented by a fuzzy-wuzzy feeling in the brain. This buzzed peacefulness was more than welcome after a long day of work. The drug also lowered by inhibitions, similarly to alcohol.

Though sitting and zoning out was very pleasant, I found it difficult to do much else. Even walking into another room seemed like a heroic feat.

I was surprised at just how long the effects of Klonopin lasted. I went to bed early that night but still felt blissfully content in the morning.

The only negatives I experienced were a difficult time recalling the experience the next day.

What Is Klonopin Like?

A normal recreational or prescribed dosage of Klonopin results in subtle effects.

In fact, most people won’t even notice the effects at first. It will be those around you that notice your lowered inhibitions first.

Taking Klonopin results in greatly lowered anxiety, especially for those with anxiety or panic disorders. Most people feel calm and at peace after ingesting the drug. A feeling of relaxation is central to the experience.

Another important thing to note is that most people under the influence of a Klonopin high don’t feel impaired when they actually are. Do not drive while under the influence of this drug.

Adventurous drug users often combine a small dose of Klonopin with alcohol. The result is an even more buzzed, inebriated feeling, often highlighted by short-term amnesia.

You’ll want to keep in mind that the drug has a long half-life. Don’t make the mistake of taking a larger dose because you can’t feel the effects of the drug initially, because you’ll risk taking too much and turning yourself into a zombie for a day or more.

Side Effects

I’ve already touched on the consequences of Klonopin use a handful of times already.

Simply put, the drug has a high potential for abuse and is very addictive. Even people that are prescribed the drug often find they’re dependent when their initial prescription runs out.

In addition to abuse and addiction, other side effects include dizziness, sleepiness, drug-induced amnesia, depression, agitation, aggression, and paranoia. Withdrawal symptoms are also extremely severe.

Overdosing on Klonopin is also possible, especially when it’s combined with alcohol and other drugs, sometimes resulting in death. Obviously, you’ll want to proceed with caution when taking the drug recreationally


With regular use, Klonopin can become very addictive. Since Klonopin works to block receptors in the brain responsible for controlling stress and anxiety. Without the drug, users can begin to feel overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and are also subject to a number of other nasty symptoms as well. It’s important for users to wean themselves off the drug gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms. The severity of these symptoms range from things like rebound insomnia, rebound anxiety, seizures and hallucinations to more common side effects like nausea, sweating, sleeplessness and irritability. In some cases, Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can last up to 90 days.

It doesn’t sound fun at all, so please exercise extra caution when taking Klonopin either recreationally, or by prescription to ensure that you won’t be dealing with a nasty withdrawal.


Benzodiazepines intimidate me as I’ve known several people who’ve become addicted to them, both from recreational use and prescribed use.

Yet by limiting your dosage and the frequency at which you use it, a Klonopin high can certainly be a calming, relaxing, safe experience.

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Ma - December 14, 2021

I have tried mAny times to stop Klonopin
I had a heart attack 2005
My psych never showed up At the hospital
My bp went up to 200 over 120
Before stopping good bp.

The reason I do not. It scares me.
The hospital did nothing.
I went cause sick. Nausea.
I was shocked so high. I was going to another hospital and never made it.
Busted valve.
Blacked out.

Im horrified of doctors and psychs now.

Heart problems are left out of withdrawal literature

Thank you


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