How Long Does It Take Aniracetam To Work?

brainmapThe nootropic Aniracetam is soluble in fat and is believed to be substantially (at least, two to three times) more potent than Piracetam. This supplement is thought to help increase creativity and holistic thinking, possibly reducing anxiety and depression. Users report that they feel more focused and have enhanced memory performance after taking this product. Aniracetam doses also proved to be very safe with only a limited number of reported mild side effects. How long does it take for Aniracetam to start working in the body? How should you use Aniracetam and what is the dosage level?


Many researchers are hopeful that it could play a significant role in the future treatment of depression and cognitive decline in disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. This is primarily because of modulations which the supplement does on glutamate and other receptors in the brain.

One of the brain areas thought to be affected by this supplement is the dopamine receptors. Dopamine has long been believed to have a strong influence on mood and movement. There is also an anxiolytic effect of this supplement. Conversely, this can often lead to improved levels of trust and security. In fact, many users have even reported that while taking Aniracetam from time to time they feel so confident. This can improve the attention span as well.

How long does it take Aniracetam to work?

Aniracetam starts working almost immediately, between 20 minutes to one hour and it is profound. For its effects to be fully efficient and be felt by the users, Aniracetam should be taken consistently for at least two weeks.

Below is my personal experiences with Aniracetam.


Being a Monday, it was automatically the worst morning of the week even before it had started. I grudgingly woke up and got myself a coffee.

Only when I got my carton of milk out did I remember that I’d bought Aniracetam the day before. So trembling with excitement, I measured 800mg with a micro spoon (just to be safe for the first day), said a small prayer and down it went into the hatch.

God, was it bitter!

Frantically searching about for something to help get rid of the taste, I grabbed the milk and gulped downed about half a liter. The aftertaste did not die down quickly, I had to find a new way to get it into my body.

I went about my chores in the morning. I suddenly had a realization in my shower that I had the solution to a problem which was plaguing me the last few days.

I attributed this to one of those ‘shower clarity’ moments and did not pay much attention to it.

As I got my car started, I noticed that everything seemed to be, for the lack of a better word… richer… and in HD! I got to work and before I knew it, had finished about 5 hours of work in about 3.

Post lunch, when I got back to work somehow I was missing the spark I had in the morning. It was puzzling.

When I got back home I remembered that I had only taken 800mg. I decided to up to 1000 tomorrow.

But now I needed to find another way to combine this into a readymade capsule I could just swallow and not having to go through the shockingly bitter taste.

nootropics homemade capsulesI read about more than a few methods online on sites like Longecity, Bluelight, and Erowid.

The one that I felt would be most appropriate is one method whereby Aniracetam is dissolved in fish oil and then carefully pipetted into gel capsules.

And since 800mg wore off pretty quick tod