Focusene Review: a Natural Alternative to CILTEP

I am what you would call a brain performance enthusiast. I strongly believe that the everyday intellectual requirements of the average person have been on the rise for quite some time.

brain-performanceWhat this means is that when it comes to mental performance, most of us need a bit of a boost. If you are enrolled in an intellectually challenging degree like me, even if you are among the smartest of your peers, you are bound to feel challenged.

A bit of background about myself: At school, I was always one of those guys who is hardly seen studying. But I knocked tests and exams out of the park on a daily basis.

Things began to heat up once I got into later grades as I found myself spending more and more time with books to break into the top 5 ranks in my class.

I couldn’t exactly pinpoint why this was happening to me. Was it lack of focus? Declining cognitive abilities? Were parties getting the better of me?

I was under a lot of stress owing to this and needed to get myself back on track. That’s when I discovered nootropics.

Nootropics gave me the ability to perfectly balance my social life and education and come out on top. Of course, this didn’t happen in a single day.

I had to find out what nootropics and dosages worked best for my physiology and perfect it through careful trial and error. I’ve started my research from the ground up and right now know enough to make my own personalized stacks.

Currently, pursuing my Masters in advanced computing, I needed every ounce of grey matter to get into the top echelons in my university. This meant squeezing every last bit of ability possible.

While I’m no advanced brain hacker, I make it a point to keep myself updated about the new kids on the block when it comes to nootropics drugs. Most of the ones were quite underwhelming and I usually went back to my original regime.

One day when I was online getting some research done on my study paper, I noticed Focusene on one of the advertisement banners. This piqued my interest and I was soon on the website ordering a 30-day pack.

To be honest, I was actually not expecting a lot out of this as my regular regimen was working fine for me and I’m not a great fan of pre-made stacks anyway. Let’s first find out what we are getting into then.

What is Focusene?

focuseneFrom what I read on their website, it’s purported to fight against symptoms of ADHD, loss of drive, focus and concentration. The difference from most premade stacks is that they have included fully natural ingredients which they claim to give you the equivalent effects of the best nootropics you can buy on the market.

This is going to be a worthwhile test because if this actually delivers the goods, I can save the time I take to mix my own stack plus not have the dreaded post-nootropic crash syndrome. So let’s go ahead and see what actually makes Focusene tick…

Focusene Ingredients

One of the things I like about natural ingredients is that they are mostly approved and are on the FDA safe list. This is a huge bonus considering that I plan on taking them regularly to stimulate my brain.

On the other hand, natural means a more ‘generalized’ effect when you take them as opposed to the highly focused (no pun intended) effects of some of the racetams. So they don’t find many takers in the intermediate and advanced nootropic users.

Dandelion Extract

dandelion_extractI’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never seen a pre-made stack incorporating this into their product. Dandelions are one of the richer sources (10X more than artichoke, celery or broccoli) of Luteolin, a powerful PDE4 inhibitor. PDE4 breaks down cAMP, a chemical that helps your brain process different cognitive signals.

PDE4 inhibitors have been scientifically proven to increase memory capacity, alertness and general productivity quotient of the brain. While it is found normally in your diet if you consume your veggies, you need much more to help your brain out and hence we use supplements to get our requisite level.


ForskolinForskolin has been shown to boost cAMP levels in the brain. cAMP is responsible for major cognitive actions in the brain and is a useful ally to get more focus and concentration going.

When you combine this with Luteolin, it increases the strength and duration of cAMP in the brain cells giving you a much more pronounced effect.

Boosting cAMP levels has the same effect has turning the dial up on your brain signal strength. It dramatically increases the amount of data you can process.


Phenylalanine is an amino acid and a ‘building block’ protein. It is found in abundantly in meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, nuts and legumes. It is vital for brain functions owing to the fact that it metabolizes into Dopamine and Acetylcholine which regulate all signals in the brain that deals with primary cognition, concentration and focus.

By supplementing your diet with phenylalanine you have more essential proteins that can build as well as repair different areas of the brain.


L–TheanineAn amino acid found in green tea, L–Theanine increases GABA activity in the brain.