30 Days on Adrafinil: Experiences and Insights

I admit it. I was hesitant to touch nootropics.

Especially one ending in ‘afinil’.

Having read a handful of scare reports online, I didn’t want to put a substance in my body that could be potentially harmful in the long term.

Yet once I got my hands on it, it delivered beyond my expectations.

I decided to get it and since my doctor did not have any reservations, off I went to order it online.

Adrafinil belongs to a category of drugs known as nootropics. It’s a smart drug.

Ordering Adrafinil isn’t too difficult (especially compared to its prescription cousin Modafinil). It took a few days to order and receive it.

I impatiently waited for those few days to come to an end like a lady who is waiting to walk down the aisle knowing that that magic day will eventually come.

Without fail, this magic came.