30 Days on Adrafinil: Experiences and Insights

I admit it. I was hesitant to touch nootropics.

Especially one ending in ‘afinil’.

Having read a handful of scare reports online, I didn’t want to put a substance in my body that could be potentially harmful in the long term.

Yet once I got my hands on it, it delivered beyond my expectations.

I decided to get it and since my doctor did not have any reservations, off I went to order it online.

Adrafinil belongs to a category of drugs known as nootropics. It’s a smart drug.

Ordering Adrafinil isn’t too difficult (especially compared to its prescription cousin Modafinil). It took a few days to order and receive it.

I impatiently waited for those few days to come to an end like a lady who is waiting to walk down the aisle knowing that that magic day will eventually come.

Without fail, this magic came.


80gms for $80. Test period; 30 days.

A friend told me to start with less than 100mg or less.

Am NOT the cautious type. The 150mg found its way into my system first thing in the morning.

Off I went to work and after a tough day, all I wanted was some good sleep.

After dinner, I went to bed, curled myself excited that would sleep like never before.

I waited. And waited. I only slept for one hour. My alarm never even allowed me to extend my stay in bed. Day one of adrafinil; too much of it will rob you the much-needed sleep that you need.

Day two: since I thought that the adrafinil is still in my system, I took off to work and four hours later, my desk was converted to a bed, and I couldn’t even concentrate on the board meeting in the afternoon. Nothing achieved on this day. I felt like a failure.

Day three: Today, I choose to follow my friend’s advice. Less than a 100mg a day. I warmed some water then dissolved 50mg and took it. It was a great day, and I never lost out on sleep. Am grateful for that.

Day 4,5,6,7: These four days represent the awesome experiences from this drug. One of the most significant changes I have noted over the past four days is that am really motivated. Maybe that corner office was waiting for me to take Adrafinil. My bosses are also noting the motivation.

Well, let me cross my fingers on that.

Day 8: since I have some free time at work, I choose to read more on this smart drug. Am very interested in how it works. This is what I found out.

Adrafinil stimulates the central nervous system. This, in turn, affects the adrenergic system together with the levels of catecholamine.

When you are stressed up or very excited, your adrenergic system produces adrenalin.

While it is very natural to have adrenaline rushes, adrafinil increases the level of adrenaline, and that is how focus and concentration increases.

Now I know. Time to go home now.

For the next two weeks, I continuously took similar doses daily and here are some of the benefits I experienced:


I was very energetic over the two-week period working late into the evening and always up before my alarm went off. I took on tasks that seemed challenging without losing enthusiasm.


Before I started on Adrafinil, I never knew how smart I really was. I have been popping up very useful suggestions to problems facing my department.

Let me say that some of my colleagues are green with envy that some guy is shaking things up, and they can’t seem to understand what is happening.


I can’t sustain my concentration for 30 minutes. I always wander off at the 15th minute or so and struggle to get back 40 minutes later.

I can now tell a different story. My concentration is two hours non-stop.

Believe me; this is more than what I need.


Some few days ago, I had a critical presentation to make. I needed funding for a project, and I wanted to come out on top.

I was be required to explain very many details about my project which meant memorizing them over and over again.

When I was about to present, I went blank. You know that awkward moment when everyone expects you to tell them something, then you keep them waiting? Not because you want to but you can’t form any words?

Silence ensued.

I was about to ask for a break to compose myself but to my surprise, the words that came from my mouth explained the nitty-gritty components of the project. I thought it was magic.

Yes, adrafinil did some magic to my memory.

My liver…

With eight days left to finish my 30-day dose, I choose to see my doctor.

Day 22: Immediately I enter her office and break the news, she recommends a liver test. I can be stubborn at times, so I refuse until she fully explains to me why I should have one after having almost a month packed with energy.

“Taking adrafinil causes accumulation of enzymes in your liver. There is a need to check whether there is any accumulation so that we may address the problem as soon as possible.” She said.

With that, I dutifully complied.

The test did not reveal any accumulation of enzymes which means I was on the safe side.

I booked an appointment after two weeks for a general check-up. It is then I decided that over the next seven days I will research about the side effects that one may have while using the drug.

Side effects

  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Chest pains
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Irritability
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety

I would say that out of these side effects; I had problems with my sleep, nausea, dry mouth and I was easily irritable at times.

We all respond differently to smart drugs which means that if you decide to take on adrafinil, you may experience the same side effects I had or something different.

Today is day 30. My 30-day experience with adrafinil is not complete without me sharing some useful insights:

  • In case you have heart problems, talk to your doctor before taking this drug. This will avoid further risks.
  • Always take the recommended dose, you don’t want to have a sleepless night while other people are enjoying their sweet sleep, do you?
  • Buy adrafinil from a trusted nootropics dealer. There are some substandard versions of the drug in the market.
  • Taking this drug for prolonged periods is not advisable. It may cause damage to your liver. Track your liver functions with a doctor.
  • Adrafinil dissolved in water. If you mix it in water, and you get a cloudy mixture, you bought a fake product.
  • Taking adrafinil in cycles is recommended for the safest and best results. Cycles improve tolerance and prevent some of the side effects.
  • Adrafinil is not tasteless. Always go for a GMP-certified product.


My Adrafinil experience was enjoyable and worthwhile. However, I would not repeat it again for 30 consecutive days.

I prefer taking Armodafinil from AfinilExpress, and using both Modafinil + Adrafinil seems to be a nice balancing act.

It allows me to get the most out of each nootropic without building a tolerance.

If you have a similar experience with Adrafinil, please share in the comments below.

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