Adderall Withdrawal: Symptoms & Effective At-Home Remedies

As with most prescription medications, long-term Adderall use leads to tolerance and addiction.

An Adderall dependency is a very real problem which is why it has been classified as a Schedule II controlled substance here in the U.S.

Slowly tapering off Adderall can help to ease undesirable side effects, but for many people, it is not easy to be successful at slow Adderall cessation.

Once you develop a tolerance and become addicted, the temptation to take your normal dosage is high.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Quitting Adderall “cold turkey” can be rough since users who quit all at once present with a number of withdrawal symptoms.

These uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal can include any or all of the following:

  • Irritability
  • Extreme Hunger
  • Nightmares
  • Acute Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Tiredness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Intense Craving for More Adderall
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal Thoughts

These withdrawal symptoms vary in severity from person to person and may be more intense in users who take larger dosages of Adderall on a daily basis.

Adderall withdrawal can cause a great binge crash, a comedown which results in the inability to sleep for a number of days.

Treatment for Adderall Addiction

There are myriad forms of treatment for those suffering from Adderall addiction.

Both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation programs are available to the public.

American Addiction Centers offer a free addiction hotline that Adderall users or their family members can call to receive counseling and request more information about addiction treatment options.

Those choosing to detoxify at home should consider changing their lifestyle, sticking to a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise to offset the sleeplessness caused by Adderall withdrawal.

For those who want to detox at home, there are several home remedies that can be implemented to alleviate Adderall withdrawal symptoms.

At-Home Remedies

Some of the best natural remedies for treating the fatigue and discomfort of the Adderall crash include the following:

L-Tyrosine a non-essential amino acid that works as a natural anxiolytic, vanquishing anxiety and improving your mood. This can come in handy when detoxing from Adderall because it can help to ward off panic attacks and relieve symptoms of anxiousness and depression.

L-Tyrosine is converted into dopamine and noripinephrine and results in increased alertness and mental arousal, something that is vital to those going through withdrawal as fatigue and confusion are common withdrawal symptoms.

L-Theanine is also an amino acid and this one is ideal for withdrawal supplementation as it promotes relaxation, diminishes stress and acts as an organic sleep aid.

A natural mood enhancer, L-Theanine is rich in antioxidants and can help regulate weight, another issue facing those suffering from Adderall withdrawal.

5-HTP comes from the seeds of the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia. A natural tonic for everything from migraine headaches and PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) to fibromyalgia and tension headaches, 5-HTP is included here because it is an anxiety and depression panacea that can put a wide range of withdrawal symptoms in their place.

Whether you are experiencing insomnia or aches and pains from withdrawal, 5-HTP has got your back. It is also used to treat obesity which suggests that it may help to curb the extreme appetite of those quitting Adderall.

Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that is commonly used in anti-aging therapy, but that’s not all.

It is one of the most popular OTC sleep aids on the market.

Not only will melatonin help you rest while coping with Adderall withdrawal but researchers have found that it can relieve migraine headaches and protect against cardiovascular issues, ensuring that no harm will come to your heart as your system is stressed by the shock of withdrawal.

Vitamin C is important when detoxing because it helps to replenish your system, cleansing your body and flushing out toxins.

Some evidence suggests that aromatherapy can help ease addiction cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Lavender oil is helpful in this area, inducing a calm, helping you to relax and boosting your mood. Users can place 10-20 drops of lavender oil in a humidifier or vaporizer to maintain emotional and physical balance.

Magnesium deficiency is something all too widespread which has lead many practitioners of alternative medicine to say that everyone should be taking magnesium supplements for maintaining stable blood pressure and general health. But magnesium is also a viable option for those afflicted with Adderall withdrawal symptoms.

Magnesium can serve as a natural muscle relaxant and can help to stave off the anxiety associated with coming off of Adderall and other addictive substances.

It may also relieve the cramps that commonly occur within the first few days of kicking a habit.

St. John’s Wort benefits those afflicted with anxiety and depression, making it a perfect supplement for those getting off Adderall.

It can reduce the severity of inflammation in your joints and can substantially improve mood swings.

Rhodiola Rosea, otherwise known as “golden root,” is an adaptogen herb that provides enhanced energy and relief from depression.

Not only that but Rhodiola rosea also helps to burn fat which may be useful at the tail end of Adderall cessation after extreme hunger has caused one to overeat.

Kava Kava Root is well-renowned for its calming effect.

It works like an anxiolytic sans the side effects of prescription anti-anxiety medications. Kava can alleviate anxiety and eliminate restlessness and sleep disorders.

Green Tea is dense in antioxidants and nutrients, offering a wealth of health benefits including increased brain function, fat loss and improved metabolism.

For those suffering from withdrawal symptoms, green tea can clear brain fog and soothe your soul, offering a Zen-like calm.

All of these natural remedies are terrific options for those going through withdrawal, but remember to surround yourself with loved ones, stay hydrated and take proper precautions.

Only you know how you feel. Should any severe symptoms occur, always consult with your physician.

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David - February 19, 2023

Hi my name is Dave.. 41 years old. Ive been prescribed adderall for about a decade and I took it sporadically almost daily. Im also rx methadone 115 daily, benzodiazepines, I just recently was put on Testosterone because the methadone stopped my body’s production of it.
So Im also taking a myriad of supplements and I drink every once in a while. There is so many chemicals I need to take to offset the side effects of the other chemicals.
Ive been trying to stop taking my adderall after years because I researched it and found that my doctor has been lying to me and it is neurotoxic.
I tried to stop taking it and right about that time my girlfriend (12 years) left me for another guy. So I got bashed with a huge wave of depresssion. I dont know what to do its so bad and I dont have anyone to talk to. Lauren (my x) was my best friend and only person I really talked to (aside from my family). The depresssion is so terrible and I have to internalize it because I dont know what else to do. Is
it normal for the depression to be so severe? Should I get back on it and slowly taper again? I took a mucuna pruiens today (sp). Can I still take a piece of adderall so I can not feel this terrible anymore? I just need someone who knows how I feel.


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