6 Best Vitamin D Supplements for Conquering ADHD

Do you love sunbathing and going to the beach?   Do you walk to and from school or work every day? Do you jog every morning? Do you walk your dog?   Do you know that spending time outdoors and under the sun is good for your health? Yes, our body produces a vitamin also known as the “sunshine vitamin” whenever we’re under the sun’s glorious rays.   This “sunshine vitamin” is also known as Vitamin D. It is an essential component in the development of healthy bones because it helps our body absorb minerals like calcium and phosphorus.   Vitamin D also helps with a number of bodily processes that provide holistic benefits not limited to bone health. It also helps strengthen our immune and respiratory systems as well as improve muscular and brain functions.   Studies about the other potential benefits of Vitamin D are not stopping any time soon. In fact, researchers and scientists are committed to discovering and verifying the many other speculated advantages that we could get from this natural and abundant.

Vitamin D deficiency and ADHD

Vitamin D deficiency has been found to be related to a number of medical conditions like rickets in children. Other conditions like cancer, diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure were also found to be linked to a deficiency in the vitamin.   Lately, the link between Vitamin D deficiency and ADHD has been gaining quite some interest from researchers and the science community.   Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is characterized by irritability, lack of focus, and impulsiveness. Although more common in children, adolescents and adults are also being diagnosed with ADHD.   Recently, a study showed that children and adolescents who were diagnosed with ADHD were more deficient in Vitamin D compared to others.   There are many prescription drugs for ADHD but they also have some potentially dangerous side effects. This is the reason why some patients prefer to consume vitamins and minerals. It has already been accepted that some vitamins like Vitamin B12, A, and E can really help in reducing the symptoms of ADHD.   Vitamin D is actually essential in fueling the crucial steps in the brain’s process of producing chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine. They have been widely accepted as contributors to the development, treatment, and maintenance of ADHD.   Vitamin D was also found to be connected to enhancing the activity of the enzyme responsible for producing acetylcholine—a brain chemical known for improving the attention span. It is also directly related to the ability to focus for long periods of time.   Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is also a hormone because it is converted to its hormonal form in the liver and kidneys after being absorbed and synthesized by the body. As a hormone, it assists in the absorption of calcium for stronger and healthier muscles, teeth, and bones.

Get a boost of sunshine

One may think that just by spending more time outdoors or sunbathing is a quick and effective way to get your essential fix of Vitamin D. Kids especially will enjoy this.   However, due to environmental factors, it is no longer advisable to spend long periods of time under the sun. In fact, long exposure, especially without sunscreen, already increases the risk of skin cancer. Thankfully, Vitamin D can also be derived from food sources.   Other than sunshine, sources of Vitamin D include seafood (salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel), milk or yoghurt, cereals, and cheese. Most of the ready-to-eat or ready-to-drink food and beverages are also fortified with Vitamin D.   It is also recommended to take Vitamin D supplements especially if there are few opportunities to consume food rich in Vitamin D. Moreover, it is highly encouraged to take Vitamin D supplements in the form of vitamin D3—the form naturally made by our body when we are exposed to sunlight. Taking this form as a supplement means it is easier to absorb and synthesize.   Here is a roundup of five of the best Vitamin D supplements for ADHD.




vitamin d3 with organic coconut oil - natural stacks nootropics

Each serving of this brand has 1000 IU and is designed to provide support for healthy bones and immune system functions. It also helps regulate mood, which is a plus for consumers with ADHD. As a bonus, this comes in a yummy orange flavor.

This brand also comes in Vitamin D3 gummies that contain 1000 IU per serving. It is gelatin free and has no artificial preservatives, coloring and flavoring.

Each serving of this brand has 1000 IU and is designed to provide support for healthy bones and immune system functions. It also helps regulate mood, which is a plus for consumers with ADHD. As a bonus, this comes in a yummy orange flavor.

This brand also comes in Vitamin D3 gummies that contain 1000 IU per serving. It is gelatin free and has no artificial preservatives, coloring and flavoring.

Nordic Naturals has another variety that gives 5000 IU per serving which is more than the daily recommendation for adults who do not receive little to no sun exposure. It helps strengthen bones by enhancing calcium absorption. Included in its ingredients is extra virgin oil.Definitely, Nordic Naturals has outdone themselves by providing a wide range of options to best cater to the different preferences of consumers.

Kirkland’s Vitamin D3 supplements provide 2000 IU per capsule to support the immune system, bones, muscles, and teeth. It likewise improves the way your body absorbs calcium.

This particular brand of supplements does not have any artificial flavors, preservatives, yeast, starch, or gluten. Ingredients include soybean oil, glycerin, corn oil, and cod liver oil.

This brand has 5000 IU per soft gel capsule. As a dietary supplement, it helps increase the strength of your bones and teeth. It regulates the immune system and improves the way the body absorbs calcium from food intake.

This blend of Vitamin D3 and organic flaxseed oil results in a soft gel that is convenient to swallow. Natural Factors also has a variety that was designed specifically for kids—400 IU in each berry flavored chewable.All products by Natural Factors undergo intensive testing to pass international standards as well as to ensure the quality of their supplements.

Carlson Labs Vitamin D3 comes in various amounts of IU per bottle, ranging from 1000 IU to 10,000 IU.As a tool to aid the body in absorbing calcium and phosphorus, Carlson Labs Vitamin D3 supplements efficiently delivers what you need to develop strong bones and a fully functioning immune system.

This dietary supplement is gluten-free and wheat-free. It does not contain corn, yeast, sugar, and soy.Carlson Labs also developed a Vitamin D3 variant for kids with 400 IU per drop. The supplement helps in promoting growth and development in kids. There is no need to worry about ingredients it contains as they are all natural and free from preservatives.

These soft and chewy vitamins are perfect supplements for both adults and children. With a delightful orange flavor, GNC Chewy Vitamin D3 helps increase the body’s immunity and natural resistance with every soft chew.

It contains soybeans, palm oil, sunflower oil, corn starch, and other natural flavors. The chewable supplements come in chocolate and orange flavors which cater to different taste preferences.

These are just some of the best Vitamin D supplements that can be used by kids and adults diagnosed with ADHD.   Remember that Vitamin D supplements are what they say they are—supplements, not medicines nor drugs. Still, proper consultation with a medical professional is necessary to ensure that the supplements will complement any medication you might already be taking.   It is important to get tested for your current Vitamin D levels. Regardless of whether or not you or your children have been diagnosed with ADHD, it is important to know how much your system is deficient in the vitamin in order for the proper and adequate doses to be taken.   Aside from testing, it is important to consult with your doctor if you are planning to add Vitamin D supplements to your diet. Seek information regarding the recommended dosage to avoid overdose as too much Vitamin D can accumulate in your body and cause toxic side effects. Too much vitamin D can also result to constipation, nausea, and even kidney stones.   Never neglect first checking the ingredients of each brand of supplements you are interested in taking in order to avoid serious complications from occurring. While these supplements are designed to augment your health, taking anything rashly is setting yourself up for potential harm, thus defeating the purpose of taking them in the first place.   Finally, change your lifestyle and opt for a healthier one. Exercising regularly outside on early mornings for a few minutes will do a lot of help to your body. You can also start and maintain eating more food rich in Vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals as well.

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