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How Using Tyrosine Naturally Boosts Your Dopamine

300 Sparta DopamineChances are, if you’re reading this blog, you like to have your dopamine levels nice and high.
The neurotransmitter of motivation and reward, dopamine influences how our brains guide us through everyday life.
Because it’s actually an inhibitory chemical (a little-known fact), dopamine also acts to take away our frustration after solving difficult problems, which drives us to complete activities and drive towards difficult goals.

Natural levels of this important chemical are highly variable from person to person. So different, in fact, that just a little too much or too little can lead to serious mental disorders, such as ADHD or mania.

What happens when you’re overstimulated (computer, video games, food, porn) or stressed (school, work, relationships, money)? When your brain is overstimulated or overstressed, dopamine gets massively depleted, leading people to wonder if they’ll ever be able to restore their natural neurotransmitter balance..

Thankfully, there is a nootropic that helps recover and re-balance our dopamine receptors – the neuro-precursor tyrosine.

Why tyrosine is so amazing

Many of the essential chemicals in our bodies are constructed from amino acids, including the much-needed vitamins that we should take in through our diets.
Tyrosine is a building block from which dopamine and more complex neurotransmitters are made, through a chain of reactions that use other components as cofactors. So when tyrosine levels rise, it will provide more material for dopamine to be made from.

When ingested, the tyrosine is converted inside the brain to DOPA, which is the direct predecessor to dopamine on the reaction chain. The reason one would take tyrosine instead of DOPA is to avoid adverse effects, as there are dopamine receptors elsewhere in the body that may become affected.
After synthesis of dopamine from DOPA, the chain can continue, producing other neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and epinephrine.

What are the benefits of taking it?

As was mentioned, Tyrosine is great at compensating for temporarily reduced dopamine levels. And according to bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, is also known to synergize with caffeine for a mood boost, so it’s a popular additive to energy drink formulas.
In energy drinks, it’s often in the form of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine which gets absorbed faster than the free amino acid.

Tyrosine and products containing a clinically significant amount of it promote a happier, more focused, and possibly even hypomanic sort of mood. Some people find that it can aid in concentration and learning, especially in people with ADHD, where there is a low amount of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex.
Studies involving the long-term treatment of ADHD with tyrosine have concluded some efficacy, but have shown much tolerance to dosage.

Food & diet sources that have lots of tyrosine

Tyrosine is a natural and organic amino acid, and is fairly easily found in food sources in small amounts. A relatively abundant source is bananas, with cheese being high in it as well.

List of foods that are rich in tyrosine, keeping your dopamine naturally high.

Most of the time, however, it’s far easier to go the supplement route to get a good intake of tyrosine, due to the ability to take a larger dose at once. Capsules of powdered tyrosine are available in vitamin stores and bulk powders are available online, easily found on sites such as Bulknutrition.com or Amazon.


Sometimes, it’s nice to go back down to basics and literally raise levels of neurotransmitters to achieve nootropic effects. Tyrosine does just that – goes into your brain and helps bring up levels of delightful dopamine. Plus, it’s inexpensive and easily found on places like Amazon.

Even eating a banana with breakfast might be worth a try, if you suspect your dopamine levels could use a boost. Remember to fuel the biological molecular chain, and keep up your tyrosine for the motivation anyone needs!


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