Nuvigil vs. Adderall: Which Supplement Is More Effective?

Life has changed; everyone is fighting to be competitive in society, to boost self-esteem and to live a better life.

Naturally, a person cannot be highly functional and operate optimally all day. For this reason, pharmaceutical industries have decided to come up with Nuvigil and Adderall drugs.

These drugs are stimulants, which have lately been adopted as best enhancers. So to say, they are drugs that busy or high-functioning people take to increase their performance, accordingly.

All categories of people, mostly students, have immersed themselves in using the product; however, the question that remains unanswered is – Is Nuvigil as effective as Adderall?

The answer to this question varies from one person to another as individuals have different molecular formations.

Nevertheless, some people argue Nuvigil is the best while others are of the opinion that Adderall works better with them.

Nuvigil vs. Adderall – Which Is The Best?

Know the Difference

The main comparison between these drugs usually comes in two main perspectives; that is their side effects and efficacy.

For a long time, Adderall was used to treat span disorders such as ADHD as well as ADD. Also, it ensured people to stay alert and energized.

After this, came the Nuvigil. It might be argued that either Nuvigil came to supplement Adderall or came with new formula to help where Adderall had failed.

Nuvigil was originally and specifically created as an aid to wakefulness for those who are suffering from sleep disorders.

The Adderall drug is known to be a prescription to young adults and children who are suffering from lack of energy and clarity.

The drug does this by increasing norepinephrine and dopamine amounts in the brain.

The drug works well in young adults and children, although in most cases, the users’ usually record addiction behaviors and withdrawal.

On the other hand, adults in most cases use Nuvigil, which also alleviates the hyperactive symptoms of the mental activity.

This drug is capable of prompting a true intense attentiveness and makes a person exhibit a very productive focus on any given task, regardless of its complexity.

For instance, records have it that reports from numerous users explain that these users usually exhibit the ability to even read an entire novel just in a sitting.

Well, you can see for yourself, a drug that is used mainly by adults, and works for hours, is a no go zone for children.

Nuvigil has been emphasized to have a concentrated effect, divergent to the ordinary blunt, over-stimulation, which makes it incomparable to Adderall.

According to other reliable sources, Nuvigil can be very dangerous to a person who is addicted to street drugs. With that, it is important for people who are taking this drug, to avoid it.

That being the case, it is worth agreeing that the impact of the drug is immense to the extent that a person who does not take good care of his or her body, can get affected when he is subjected to the medicine.

The same records have not been mentioned about Adderall, and so, this also makes it proper to argue that Nuvigil, is more effective than Adderall.

The Conclusion

The answer to the debate on Nuvigil vs. Adderall is that Nuvigil is more effective than the latter, even though they are created to carry out the same function – of making people alert or awake and also increasing functionality power.

However, if you consider age, you can use Nuvigil instead of Adderall since they were manufactured with the same purpose for almost the same reasons.

All you need is to choose wisely and experience that which you are looking for, to the fullest.

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Justin - November 28, 2017

First of all, Adderall is NOT a supplement…

Cathy - May 6, 2018

Does insurance now cover nuvagil for adhd instead of adderol? I would switch in a heartbeat if It was now covered. I live in N.C


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