Niagen Review: the Best Anti-Aging Supplement Available?

We all know that eating healthy is one of the best ways to stay young and full of energy. But less is known about the specific nutrients in our food, and how they work.

Could you image that a single nutrient found in some foods, like milk, could revitalize the cells in your body, making you look and feel more youthful and energetic?

That’s exactly what Dt. David Sinclair, a researcher at Harvard, found when he discovered that Niagen, a naturally occurring metabolite of vitamin B3, regenerated cells to a younger state.

What is Niagen?

Niagen is a patented form of nicotinamide riboside (NR). Every day your body converts NR into Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), which is a molecule that exists in every living cell inside your body. It’s an obscure process that is more exciting than you might think. NAD+ is extremely important, and we’ll explain why in a moment.

This guide covers a lot of information, so be sure to check out the sections below that are most interesting to you:

What is the difference between nicotinamide riboside and Niagen?

People often confuse the terms nicotinamide riboside and Niagen, because they are interchangeable. ChromaDex, a publicly-traded American pharmaceutical company, was the first company to patent a Nicotinamide Riboside formula using the name, Niagen.

ChromaDex is also the first company to make Niagen available commercially. While ChromaDex holds the patent for Niagen, other pharmaceutical companies can buy raw Niagen from ChromaDex. They can sell it in its pure form or create other formulas and sell them under their own branding.

BPI Sports offers up Niagen formulas called ANTI-AGING PILL, LIFE1, CELL1, and ENEDREX. Live Cell Research offers another popular brand of Niagen.

The Story of Niagen: When was it discovered?

In 2013, Dr. David Sinclair, a renowned researcher of Harvard Medical School, performed clinical research [1] where he injected NR into the cells of aging mice. His research showed that the mitochondria in each mouse’s cell decreased from two years to six months.

It was a scientific breakthrough that proved that it was possible to turn back the clock on mitochondria and make them function like they did when they were younger cells.

This discovery is the closest thing that researchers have found to reverse the effects of aging. Some people refer to it as the “fountain of youth.”

Time Magazine honored Dr. Sinclair by naming him of the Top 100 Most Influential People of 2014.   During Dr. Sinclair’s experiment, two-year-old mice had cells that reverted to the age of six-month cells, after being injected with NR after just one week.

If we evaluate those results according to a human scale, it’s comparable to turning the cells of a middle-aged person into the cells of a 25-year-old.

How does it work?

NAD+ helps convert the food you eat into energy, and much more. Inside your cells, the nucleus and the mitochondria are responsible for producing your energy. They need to communicate with each other in order to get your energy moving.

In addition to one nucleus, each cell has hundreds of mitochondria, working in a network. The mitochondria go through a continual process of division and fusion. As this happens, the nucleus is communicating with the mitochondria, telling it to die off the bad cells and improve the new cells.

Without NR and NAD+, the communication between your nuclei and mitochondria get sluggish. Mitochondrial impairment starts a chain reaction that slows your metabolism. It drains you of your stamina, causing you to feel listless and tired.

As you get older, the nuclei and mitochondria within your cells get tired, too. As a result, they communicate with each other less efficiently than they did when you were younger. Niagen turns back the clock on your cells’ aging process and reignites the communication between the nucleus and mitochondria. Efficient communication equates to increased energy and vitality.

Niagen Benefits & Effects

After taking Niagen, you will gradually feel more alert and energetic. If you pay close attention to your body, you’ll notice other Niagen benefits that improve the ways that your body looks, feels, and functions.

Niagen Lifts Your Moods

Most of us have observed children playing with boundless energy and wondered with amusement how they could be so happy and energetic all the time. The youth and vitality in their young cells gives them enough stamina to play all day long while keeping their moods elevated. Niagen turns back the clock on your cells, which helps to create a positive mood when you take it in the proper dosage.

Niagen Aids in Digestion

Niacin, which is also known as vitamin B3, is an important vitamin for the digestive system. It helps to break down carbohydrates, fats, and alcohol. Niagen is a precursor of vitamin B3, so it also helps your digestive system function better.

Niagen Enhances Cognitive Ability

We’ve known for a long time vitamin B3 improves cognitive ability. The clinical studies on Niagen have shown us how to maximize the benefits to human cognition. The anti-aging properties of Niagen have shown good results for improving mental disorders such as:

  • ADHD
  • Memory Loss
  • Arthritis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Depression

Since Dr. Sinclair’s breakthrough on the effects of Niagen, more studies continue to be performed to fully assess the effects of Niagen on the human body. We know that Niacin and niacinamide are forms of vitamin B3 and that they are naturally occurring in certain foods such as yeast, meat, peanuts, fish, milk, eggs, beans, mushrooms, and green vegetables.

Pharmaceutical companies commonly add Niacin and niacinamide to vitamin B complex supplements, along with other B vitamins and vitamin B12, because combined supplement improve the overall benefit of the vitamins.

When Niagen combines with other supplements, it creates a synergy in the brain that magnifies the beneficial effects on memory, learning, and focus, which we call noopept effects. Combining two or more supplements to achieve enhanced positive effects is called a noopept stack or a nootropic stack.

Niagen Improves Hearing and Reverses Hearing Loss

A 2014 study [2] showed that Niagen improved hearing and hearing loss in people. The study showed that people who took NR, even after they were exposed to noise, showed improvement in their hearing. Niagen appears to reverse the effects of hearing loss.

Niagen Strengthens Bones

In another clinical study [3] performed in 2014, by the Panorama Research Institute and Regenerative Sciences Institute, researchers looked at the anti-aging effects on skeletal muscle in mice. The study showed a wide range of positive effects including a partial reversal of skeletal muscle aging. Researchers also detected that NR successfully reversed the effect of aging on the heart and other organs.

Niagen Improves Sleep

Another area that researchers are interested in is the effects of Niagen on sleep. Clinical studies continue being performed, but it’s not too early to recognize that many people who regularly take Niagen report that they sleep better than they did before they started taking it.

Niagen Aids in Weight Loss

In 2015, researchers fattened up mice to see if NR had an effect on weight loss. Researchers cut their caloric intake to a normal level and gave NR to half of the mice in the study [4]. They also included random exercise.

Mice that took NR lost weight. Mice that took NR and exercised lost even more weight. Researchers need to perform studies on humans, but the results in mice are promising that NR improves weight loss.

Can Niagen Prevent Cancer?

Niagen is not a cure for cancer, a 2014 study [5] from the Cancer Cell journal showed that taking NR leads to preventing DNA damage and tumor formation, because it attacks the free radical cells.

Other Benefits: What Else Does Niagen Do?

Niacin and niacinamide have both been used to treat several other medical conditions including:

  • Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome
  • Alcohol Dependence and Other Addiction Problems
  • High Cholesterol
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Diabetes
  • Skin Conditions

In other rare instances, niacin and niacinamide have been effective in treating acne and leprosy. Some people also use it to avoid testing positive for a drug test.

Optimal Niagen Dose for Anti-Aging Benefit

The dosages given to mice were comparatively much higher than what people would take. The recommended dosage for Niagen is 250 mg. per day. Take it on an empty stomach and drink a glass of water. Consumers report that they see better results when taking 500 mg. per day.

A 2016 study [6] mea