Modafinil In Peru: Available For Purchase

Modafinil, wildly popular “smart drug,” is rapidly rising to something of a cult status lately. For a long time, its off-label uses were mainly underground.

Sure, there were whispers of its ability to modify cognitive acuity and increase productivity, but it was related to students, athletes, and high-performing businesspeople obtaining the drug through extra-legal means and extolling its virtues anecdotally.

Now, there’s a growing body of evidence showing that it’s up to the task of helping people perform serious (and proverbial) mental “heavy lifting.” According to the conductors of one study, published in European Neuropsychopharmacology:

“This is, at least to our knowledge, the first study showing that Modafinil, methylphenidate, and caffeine modify complex cognitive performance in a highly demanding task such as playing chess in highly skilled tournament chess players.”

If it can help chess players perform at the peak of their game, you might be thinking, “sign me up,” but you will now be presented with an interesting wrinkle.

Those extra-legal means we mentioned? That wasn’t because you can just get Modafinil wherever you please.

Many places the world over-regulate the drug so that it requires a prescription, and some control its use even more than that.

Can you buy Modafinil in Peru? That, dear reader, is what we intend to explore today.

Why Modafinil?

First, though, let’s cover the basics. Just what is this Modafinil stuff? You’ve likely heard a lot about this “cognitive enhancer” business, but Modafinil started (and is still used) as a treatment for sleep disorders.

In the 1970s, French researchers were looking for substitutes for amphetamines, and developed compounds like Adrafinil (more on that later) and Modafinil, which came to market several decades later.

Modafinil is a eugeroic, or wakefulness promoting agent, that stimulates the body and keeps users from falling asleep.

Hence, physicians have prescribed it to individuals with narcolepsy and other sleep disorders that cause them to become excessively tired at inopportune moments.

Through study and anecdotal reporting, the community realized that Modafinil had a range of secondary benefits.

These include enhanced motivation when performing tasks, increased alertness, improved working memory, and the like.

Because of this Modafinil was adopted as a “study drug” and performance enhancer for those looking to operate at their best for longer periods of time throughout their working day.

Modafinil is sold under various brand and generic names, like Provigil and Modalert, and comes packaged as a tablet in 150-milligram and 200-milligram strengths (for the most part).

Daily doses of Modafinil range from 50-milligrams to 200-milligrams, though, some power users have been known to take a little extra from time to time for some additional kick.

How Well Does the Drug Work?

We could go into a whole list of reasons explaining why the answer is yes, but first, check out this quote detailing one scientist’s take:

“Barbara Sahakian, a neuroscientist at Cambridge, conducted a survey on off-label Modafinil use after she realized a number of her perfectly healthy colleagues were using it at work.

Her 2007 report in Nature surveyed 1,400 people from 60 countries who had used drugs like Modafinil or Ritalin.

The majority of them used them to increase concentration rather than for medical reasons, and a full one-third of the respondents acquired their drugs over the internet, rather than with a prescription.”

That’s a lot of people using Modafinil for reasons other than sleep disorders. If it were only useful for treating narcolepsy, it’s highly doubtful that so many would be turning to it for cognitive enhancement.

While it’s true that much of the reporting is anecdotal, studies, like the Chess Study we mentioned earlier, have shown that Modafinil does indeed help boost the performance of users, often to a high degree.

So, we’re aware that many Modafinil users take the drug for it’s off-label benefits, and that it’s great for chess players. But, is there more science to support the drugs off-label benefits?

There sure is. First, let’s take a look at a study that evaluated the benefits of Modafinil when given to fighter pilots. For many years, the military has provided it’s pilots with drugs designed to provide cognitive enhancement for long and difficult missions. Pilots need an intense level of focus during these missions, but the drugs they’ve been provided often come with a litany of side effects.

That’s where Modafinil comes in. Studies have suggested that Modafinil was able to provide pilots with an intense level of focus, even in conditions where they’ve been deprived of sleep. Best of all, Modafinil comes without the side effects associated with drugs like amphetamines, which were often given to pilots prior to the development of drugs like Modafinil.

The studies don’t end there, either. Anna-Katharine Brem, who is a researcher at both Harvard and Oxford Universities concluded that “in the face of vanishingly few side effects in these controlled environments,  modafinil can be considered a cognitive enhancer”.

As researchers continue to find positive results when studying Modafinil, it’s becoming increasingly likely that physicians and government agencies will begin considering Modafinil as much for its off-label benefits as the benefits it’s actually prescribed for.

The Legality of Modafinil

That is dependent on the country. Different places have different laws regarding what is and is not OK in regards to Modafinil.

For much of the world, though, the medical uses of Modafinil, treating sleep disorders and such, are recognized. Individuals in these places can obtain a prescription for Modafinil and use it as directed.

Canada is one such place, and with a prescription, users can buy Modafinil in the country in limited quantities.

Imports of Modafinil are still restricted, though, and customs agents may seize packages of Modafinil that haven’t gone through proper channels. This isn’t always the case, but it is possible.

Other regions, like China, are a bit tighter on the drug. They classify it the same as an amphetamine, controlling prescriptions and imports to a greater degree.

Even here, though, individuals have reported being able to use some online dealers to get shipments of Modafinil, so it’s in some cases a “luck of the draw” kind of scenario.

In Peru, it is possible to obtain Modafinil, and you can get Modafinil from various online retailers if you know where to look.

Purchasing Modafinil in Peru