How to Increase Productivity at Work with Drugs for Mood

How to Increase Productivity at Work with Mood Enhancing Drugs

Some days on your way to work, you never have to stop at any traffic lights at all. It’s an entire path made up of green lights, all the way to your destination. Then there are those dreaded ‘other’ congested days where you need to hang about at every other signal with loads of other cars and wondering if you are going to get fired because you were late yet again.

traffic_gridlockThis gridlock scenario occurs in the brain as well. Most days you just breeze through the day nary a scratch and others you lose your way when getting out of bed and slump back into it from all the effort. There are explanations for this, scientific explanations. It has to do with your mood.

Mood is basically a fickle and unquantifiable sensation that either motivates us to do great things or keeps us away from them. If we had wind beneath our wings, we would fly across gulfs of boredom and land on shores of productivity. On a bad day on the other hand, we bury our heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge anything happening around us.

Scientists have actually come up with a map of certain areas of the brain they think might be responsible for controlling moods. Tweaking the brain by tapping into these areas can give us favorable results when it comes to work.


Any drugs or supplements that affect the brain are called nootropics. These may be engineered or derived from natural sources and made stronger in the lab. Scientists have been hard at work making improvements and generally creating safer and smarter nootropic drugs. The nootropics we currently have are highly specialized and researched to give you maximum benefit.


Aniracetam is one of the more common racetams available currently in the market. Since it is fat-soluble you need to ingest it with some sort of supplement which contains oil or other fatty acids that can aid its absorption.

It acts on a specific type of AMPA receptors and decreases the desensitization rate hence allowing higher levels of stimulation for prolonged periods of time.

People have reported Aniracetam to have effects on their cognition which makes arrangement and prioritization a relatively easy task. It increases blood flow to the brain hence enabling it to work for longer periods without being fatigued. All this contributes to better mood for the user.



Also derived from racetams but possessing a much higher strength, Noopept was first synthesized in Russia for the purpose of treating people with brain damage due to alcohol and drug abuse. The cognitive and mood enhancement benefits it provided were discovered much later.

Noopept provides a cognitive boost after supplementation and has a neuroprotective effect during various stages of cognitive trauma both oxidative and physical in nature.

Noopept was found to surpass the potency of many other nootropic drugs and for this reason its popularity caught on like wildfire. Also, since the effective dose is far below other nootropics, risk of side-effects is lower than them.

Noopept is considered the best Nootropic for potency, value and safety by many people in the world of brain supplements


Sulbutiamine was formulated as a stronger alternative to Thiamine in Japan owing to their vitamin B deficiency because of a rice-staple diet. It has several advantages like better absorption and more focused beneficial effects.

Sulbutiamine works by stimulating the brain and producing dopamine which acts as a stimulant and mood enhancer. It alleviates stress and improves learning ability in the individual. It does this by regulating the production of Glutamate.

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There have been mostly positive reactions from the people using this; they have reported alleviation of stress and improved mood after a hard day at work. Also, the fact that it improves reflexes and mental alertness make this a very popular mood enhancement drug.


A prodrug for Modafinil, Adrafinil metabolizes to form the parent drug. It was developed right after Modafinil.

Like Modafinil, it has several positive cognitive effects which include increased memory, better moods along with increased mental capacity. But since it has a lower half-life than its parent drug, you might need to up your dosage for benefits to be apparent.

People prefer this to Modafinil because it is easier to procure as it needs no prescription of any sort. Also, since it is freely available to buy in the market and has the same effects as Modafinil, its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

taking the nootropic supplement adrafinil for concentration and focus


Another derivative of the B complex family, there are several instances where this has been mistaken for a vitamin. But reality is that is a naturally occurring glucose isomer.

It has many advantages namely, it lowers cholesterol and also used in the treatment of chronic depression and mood swings. It promotes cancer fighting cells and helps in the case of respiratory ailments.


Final thoughts

So for a mind like an open road without any speed-limits, you need to get your muscle car of choice, with a big, bad V8 nootropic engine.

These drugs are a sure-fire way to boost your mood and give you more productivity at work, while keeping you focused on important factors. But you need to make sure that you do your research when it comes to taking drugs or supplements for your body. The easiest way is to ask your doctor for opinions considering your medical history.

Hopefully, you have found the right type of nootropic stack that can give you that positive feeling at work. And if you have tips, please do share in the comments!