How do caffeine and Modafinil interact?

If you’re a car lover like me, you would know that there are 2 methods of getting more horses out of your engine.

One is turbocharging the other is supercharging. Both tweaks make the car go faster.

But what we are here to find out is if they can be combined and still not wreck your engine or your drive.

I’m drawing an analogy to caffeine and Modafinil. Of course, they’re not quite the same as super / turbochargers but let’s go along with it for now.

If we combine both, we first need to know what they are capable of as stand-alone brain boosters.

Let’s start with caffeine…


In 17th century England the popularity of the drink gave rise to a number of coffee houses which were dubbed ‘penny universities’, because with one penny a person could buy a cup of coffee and have intellectually stimulating conversations with other people.

So its nootropic effects were confirmed in the civilized society pretty long ago.

It is probably the most-prevalent and popular nootropic in the world.

Drinking coffee goes back more than centuries ago if evidence is to be believed. Wars were actually won because of this amazing drink.

There was a soldier who wrote in his diary ‘you can’t soldier without coffee’.


  • Acts as an antioxidant, repairing damage to neurons due to oxidation
  • Prevents Parkinson’s disease in some cases
  • Lowers the risk of liver cancer
  • Generally considered good for the heart


  • Diuretic, so loss of fluids and dehydration may occur when consumed in higher amounts
  • Increases anxiety in larger quantities
  • Known to increase acidity, causing acid reflux
  • Mood swings and jitteriness
  • Coffee breath


One of the first to earn the moniker “smart drug,” Modafinil has been a strong force in the world of nootropics.

Although its nootropic properties are off-label, you can easily buy it online from a handful of websites. As such, there is enough anecdotal evidence to convince people about its benefits for the brain.


  • All benefits of coffee but much stronger
  • Studies have found it increases cognitive functions in the brain
  • Within accepted dosage levels, side-effects are minimal
  • More pronounced effect-for-money-spent than coffee


  • Not many people prefer a drug’s off-label use
  • Needs prescription or brought in from outside the country
  • Need to be careful not to overdo it

So you see they each have their positives and negatives. My job is to find out if they offer a synergistic experience when they are combined. Spoiler alert: they do!

But, do they mix?

Following are the excerpts from my own experience when it comes to mixing the two.

I like my coffee in the morning; every day of the week and a bit late on weekends.

But I have never overdone it. Meaning I don’t guzzle 10 cups of it every day like a lot of people do.

But all said, my cup o’ joe is critical for me to function normally right after I’m up.

I usually pop my Moda right after I wake up.

This gives me ample time to work up a good ‘zone‘ before I head out to work. The coffee goes down the hatch at about 11’o clock.

Let me tell you, if you are used to plain black coffee, you should try coffee on Modafinil. You can literally hear your internal turbo spooling up (coffe cubes is another option you could try – read my review here)