Best Nootropic Stack to Help Learn Programming

Geek is the new chic. Geek culture is now considered cool in the mainstream, spawning events like Comic Con, movie franchises like Marvel, and even fashion trends.

Did you ever imagine yourself a super-geek, a hacker with brains as well as charisma? I know I have. Perhaps you have too, but you dismissed the thought when it came down to learning how to code (it’s not as easy as it looks). Yet, that’s not always the case.

Programming can be very fun. Many programmers enjoy extended flow states when they’re working on code. It’s this kind of relaxed-yet-focused productive work that led to the creation of websites such as Facebook and games like Mortal Kombat.

coding with nootropics

Very few readers of this blog will have heard of Nguyễn Hà Đông, a guy from the war torn country of Vietnam, who developed Flappy Bird – one of the most downloaded games in the history of the App store.

The guy wrote 20 lines of codes, (in layman terms that’s about 3/4th of an A4 page of writing) and made no less than $50,000 per day from ad revenue. After just a month of success, he had so much money that he said enough is enough and pulled the game from app store.

You might be thinking these guys are Mr. Know-It-All types, born with some innate ability or that they went to an Ivey league school to learn programming. Hardly true.

They are people like you and me who are learning and looking for ways to be successful. One does not need to necessarily carry the surname Jobs or Gates to be able to code. All you need is…

“Elementary, my dear Watson”

The five fundamental things that’s there in all of us:

  • Capacity for logic
  • Ability to focus
  • A decent amount of memory
  • Ability to reason well  
  • Basic technical knowledge

We have the innate capacity to develop each of these abilities, but we have to kick-start them with some outside help.

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Nootropics might sound new, but don’t worry these are as harmless as a cup of cappuccino. Essentially, these are some herbal products that will help you in gaining some edge over the others. Just in case you have not understood how nootropics work, let me tell you how.

Nootropics are dietary supplements that come in various combinations and give custom results according to the ones you choose. There are certain ones like Opti Neuro that works on the brain by simulating it like coffee to give you increased focus. Then there is Neuro Vitality that helps in boosting your memory. I mean, who wouldn’t want a RAM upgrade.

Here, I would like to suggest some of the better ones (personally tried and tested, and I am much alive) that might just be the secret code to your coding success.

Mind + Memory Matrix

The memory of an elephant! Well, that’s what we all want right? More and more of memory to write those wonderful lines of code. Yes, sounds good.

Most good coders are able to remember their past work very well and are able to memorize the intricacies of different programing language. The ability to remember the syntax would make the difference between an average and good coder.

Thanks to Mind + Memory Matrix, it’s pretty rare that I forget something. My job demands I dare not forget facts and figures. So are several of my colleagues who took to trying this after I suggested to them Mind + Memory Matrix for improving their memory while at work.