Can You Buy Modafinil In New Zealand?

There is a lot of hype around Modafinil.

Does it turn users into mental powerhouses? Can it snap them back from a tired state and give them the will to work on even the most boring tasks with renewed clarity? What about the purported memory and motivational enhancements you hear of?

Most importantly, is it even legal?

Modafinil is a prescription medication, so it’s not like you can just snatch it up anywhere, and yet, surveys show that there are a lot of people obtaining it for personal off-label use.

Can you just waltz up to a vendor and buy Modafinil in New Zealand?

We’re going to take a look at some of the policies surrounding Modafinil, along with your options for sourcing it and its prominent alternatives.

Modafinil: What is it?

Let’s start with the basics. Modafinil is a eugeroic drug. This means it can promote a state of wakefulness and keep users from falling asleep.

That is why physicians will often prescribe Modafinil to patients suffering from narcolepsy, or similar conditions that cause excessive sleepiness.

It is seen as a superior option in many cases, as Modafinil use doesn’t result in the same kind of sleep disruptions that may occur when using amphetamines and the like.

Modafinil isn’t just used for prescription purposes nowadays.

Researchers and users have discovered that it is also a potent mental booster when used off-label, since it can enhance cognitive function in critical ways.

Modafinil has been shown to increase working memory, improve reaction times, enhance motivation, and has several other effects that make for a great brain supplement.

Modafinil is sold under various brand and generic names. Provigil, Modalert, and Modvigil are some you may have heard of, along with others specific varieties that vary from country to country.

Modafinil is usually sold as a pill and comes in different strengths.

Most pills you’ll find will be of the 100-milligram and 200-milligram variety, however.

Does the Drug Work?

We could just say “yes” and call it a day. Conflicting information makes it necessary to expand upon this question, though. You may have heard it hyped as a wonder drug, or a “limitless pill“.

It’s not that, but, it does have a number of beneficial effects.

We already talked about Modafinil’s primary use—as a wakefulness-promoting agent. It’s done wonders for some narcoleptics trying to control their symptoms and even has fatigue fighting properties that help otherwise healthy people.

When given to individuals experiencing sleep deprivation, it can restore a state of alertness in which they can complete complex tasks with greater clarity.

When taken before feeling sleepy, it can help combat the urge to sleep so you can continue working.

The Science Behind Modafinil: Off-Label Benefits

Of course, the most vaunted abilities of this drug are the cognitive enhancements. There was doubt in the past, but studies have shown that yes, Modafinil does help improve mental acuity.

One of the most recent studies, done on chess players, showed that it caused them to become more careful in their decision making process, making better moves and performing better overall.

Researchers have thus concluded that when it comes to performing complex mental tasks, Modafinil is an effective compound at improving human ability.

That chess study has been further confirmed by other studies on the off-label benefits of Modafinil. For example, a study by the peer-reviewed European Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology concluded that while Modafinil didn’t seem to provide any boost when it came to simple mental tasks, it did have a profound effect on more executive level functions. These are the types of results you’re probably most concerned with. The study concluded that Modafinil had a positive effects on aspects like liquid intelligence, problem solving, planning and decision making.

The studies don’t stop there either. Beyond Modafinil’s nootropic benefits, a study has suggested that Modafinil may be an effective alternative to treat ADHD and other attention related disorders, while exhibiting far fewer side effects and less potential for addiction compared to other drugs like Ritalin or Adderall. Researchers noticed that in addition to the other cognitive benefits of the drug, Modafinil also reduced impulse based responses in test subjects, which suggests it may be useful as an ADHD treatment.  

On the other hand, an interesting study that was recently conducted suggested that while Modafinil has a range of cognitive benefits, it may not work the same for everyone. If you already have a very high IQ, Modafinil may be less beneficial to you than if you had a lower IQ.

Is the Drug Legal?

In most places Modafinil is legal. Large portions of the world list regulate the drug, but you can have it as long as you’ve got the right paperwork.

Canada is one such example. There, you can buy Modafinil as a prescription drug if you show a medical need for it.

It can be tricky to import at times, and there are instances where shipments are seized and held, but they don’t usually result in any legal consequences.

In Japan, regulations are more strict. Occasionally, border security services will check (aggressively) for illicit drugs, and Modafinil, a Schedule I Psychotropic in Japan, fits the bill.

They might even follow up with investigations to learn more about your shipment, but even here, jail time isn’t usually something you have to worry about.

In New Zealand, Modafinil is available with a prescription and can be purchased from pharmacies. You can try importing it as well, but it could also be seized.

Obtaining Modafinil in New Zealand

So, you could get yourself a prescription for Modafinil and head on down to the pharmacy here if you choose. If you can’t get your hands on a prescription, though, you can try importing from abroad.

First, though, you have to find a vendor willing to ship to New Zealand. Many vendors won’t do it since they feel the import restrictions are too difficult.

You could instead have your package sent to a proxy who will, and there are companies like Skypax who will provide this service. Of course, this makes the process more challenging, and there is still no guarantee you’ll get your pills.

Here is a list of popular Modafinil vendors. There are slight differences in their selections, pricing, ship times, etc., but they are all considered reputable and enjoy plenty of community support.

It’s understandable if this much hassle is too much for you, though, which is why you might want to look at some alternatives to Modafinil.

For more information on New Zealand’s drug policies, check out this documentation provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

The Adrafinil Option

If you don’t feel like jumping through all of those shipping hoops, you could go with Adrafinil. It’s a non-prescription drug that is very similar to Modafinil.

They belong to the same family and were developed around the same time. Like Modafinil, Adrafinil confers the wakefulness and cognitive benefits that most users are after, with a few small differences.

Adrafinil does not work as fast as Modafinil since it has to be processed by the liver first. Whereas Modafinil might take effect in twenty minutes, you won’t start feeling the effects of Adrafinil for an hour or more.

Since Adrafinil must be first processed by the liver prior to entering the bloodstream, some of the drug is lost to the metabolization process. A typical dose of Afrafinil is often three times that of a dose of Modafinil.

You also have to consider the fact that while you can find plenty of Modafinil pills, Adrafinil pills are discontinued.

Most Adrafinil supplies nowadays come from vendors who stock the Adrafinil powder. Yes, you’ll need your scale if you want to get your Adrafinil dose right. Many Adrafinil users will do the work of creating pills themselves by putting doses of the powder into gel caps. That way, you don’t have to worry about constantly breaking out the scale when you need a dose of the drug.

Other than that, though, you’ll receive a relatively similar experience using Adrafinil. Some actually prefer it to Modafinil, if you can believe that.


Let’s recap our findings. Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that is considered potent and was to help narcoleptics deal with their sleep issues.

It has moved beyond this original scope, though, as many more users today take it for the off-label secondary benefits.

Off-label, Modafinil works like a cognitive booster. It provides heightened levels of attention and reaction time, improved memory and alertness, and a greater motivation to work.

The usual band of nootropics enthusiasts have flocked to it. Students, athletes, businesspeople, you name it. If they need a productivity edge, they’re looking for Modafinil to provide it.

Modafinil is legal with a prescription in many places, New Zealand included. It’s more difficult to get online vendors to ship there, but it is possible, and you can use mail forwarding services to get past some of the import restrictions (it’s not always a sure thing, though).

Adrafinil is an alternative to Modafinil. It’s a non-prescription drug that is similar in its effects and not subject to the same regulations. No matter what you choose, remember to continue reading up. Good luck to you!


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