Modafinil: Is it Available in Hong Kong?

Do you count yourself among the many trying to learn more about Modafinil?

It’s a growing number of people, one that seems to be multiplying ever faster thanks to the increased attention that Modafinil is getting through various news articles and anecdotal stories detailing its use and the beneficial effects it has given some of those that take it.

You’ve likely heard about students using it to aid with heavy coursework, about athletes gaining a performance edge while taking it, even chess players who have used Modafinil to make better moves and get a one up on the competition. Is it all it’s cut out to be?

More and more evidence is pointing towards that answer being, “yes,” but aside from that, there’s another critical question that potential and even current users are continually asking.

How do you get Modafinil in the first place? It might be legal with a prescription in many places, but for off-label use? Can you buy it in Hong-Kong?

If so, would you source it in the country or would you have to ship from abroad? What if customs is enforcing tight controls on packages, can you still get it in?

These are all important details, and all things that we’re going to delve into today as we take a look at what Modafinil is, how you might go about getting your hands on it, and what alternatives you may want to look at if the Modafinil option looks like an increasing impossibility.

What Is Modafinil?

Have you heard the term eugeroic before? It refers to a class of drugs that helps fight the urge to sleep.

Modafinil is a member of this family of drugs and was developed in the 1970s as a method of treating the symptoms of narcolepsy (falling asleep without warning during the daytime).

Researchers found that this anti-fatigue effect also helped in otherwise healthy people who were feeling sleep deprived and that it could do so with a similar level of efficacy to amphetamines without many of the side effects that plague them.

Sounds good, but what really put Modafinil on the map were the secondary nootropic effects that gave it the reputation as a “smart drug.”

Off-label, it appears that Modafinil can provide a cognitive boost. You might have heard it referred to as the “limitless pill” at one point or another.

While its effects aren’t quite to that level, research has shown that it does have some notable benefits that aid in mental acuity. It helps improve working memory.

It enhances the motivation to do work. It speeds reaction time, and might even help improve general mood.

Because of these effects, most Modafinil use nowadays isn’t by people taking it to deal with sleep disorders, it’s from everyday people who have decided to give it a try for the purposes of increasing their productivity.

In many cases, these individuals are experiencing positive effects and extolling the virtues of the drug through their anecdotal reporting.

Does Modafinil Work?

Anecdotes are one thing, you might say, but does it actually do anything? Earlier, we mentioned the fact that students use Modafinil to make it through heavy loads of coursework, which makes sense, as the work can become tedious and at times may require a boost to stay focused and in the zone.

It turns out, the professors are doing the same thing. An article on Vice detailed that even university lecturers are getting in on the smart drug game when they have a lot to handle:

“Rachel, a lecturer in her 30s who teaches social sciences at a university in southeast England, loves Modafinil. She first started using it a year ago to grade a mountain of 3,000-word undergraduate essays in three weeks—triple the amount of grading compared to a decade ago.”

What’s more, the effects seem to be quite potent, if her report is anything to go by:

“But with Modafinil it’s brilliant. My concentration is phenomenal, and my brain never gets tired. My eyes can just skim over the page, and I’ll take it all in.

I’m better at writing comments—on Modafinil, I go into serious detail. I get it done twice as quick and I feel cheerful about doing it.”

These claims are backed by a growing body of recent research, which shows that Modafinil is great at helping users hone in on complex tasks, make better decisions, and stay on point until the job is done.

When you take that into account, along with the growing numbers of people obtaining Modafinil for personal use, it becomes fairly clear that it’s doing something for all these individuals.

Further Research on the Drug

There are plenty of studies which cover the on-label and off-label benefits of Modafinil besides what we’ve already discussed. Often, they produce some pretty profound results and provide us with more insight into what Modafinil can be used for.

In addition to the potential nootropic benefits of the drug, there are potentially additional benefits which researchers are just beginning to understand.

One example is this study which unveiled that Modafinil may have additional use as a medication to treat attention related disorders. The study concluded that when using Modafinil, the experimental group responded impulsively less often. This finding suggests that Modafinil may be a more attractive option for treating ADHD than drugs like Ritalin or Adderall.

If you’re familiar with Ritalin or Adderall you’re also probably familiar with the potentially serious side effects of amphetamines and their potential for abuse. One reason why Modafinil is so attractive is the fact that it presents fewer side effects and less potential for abuse.

In fact, Modafinil is being looked into as a viable alternative therapy for cocaine dependency. Modafinil affects many of the same areas of the brain as cocaine does, which leads researchers to believe Modafinil can be used in place of cocaine to wean addicts off the drug.

Modafinil: Legal or Not?

Most will tell you that Modafinil exists in a kind of legal gray area in many parts of the world. Oftentimes, it’s legal to possess, and you just need a prescription to buy it.

Furthermore, there are plenty of online retailers who will ship directly to the country of your choice, regardless of local laws regarding the sale and use of Modafinil.

It gets trickier in countries with tougher policies on imports, but even for these places, there are ways of circumventing the system.

We’ll use the United States as one example. Modafinil is legal to use there with a prescription as it is a Schedule IV controlled substance.

You can buy it from authorized sources, and while you can’t just import it freely, those with a prescription can bring limited quantities with them over the border.

Even without paperwork, though, users have reported being able to order Modafinil from online sources and having it sent to them with little issue.

For packages that do get seized, there’s rarely any follow-up investigation or consequence beyond the lost funds.

In Hong Kong, Modafinil is available via prescription, and you can get it from pharmacies there. There is also the option of ordering online if you can locate the right sources.

How Do You Buy Modafinil In Hong Kong?

We mentioned the prescription option, but not all can show a medical need for the drug and obtain one. In these cases, you can try ordering from an online retailer, but you may have to do some extra work, as not all ship directly to Hong Kong. Check out more information on Hong Kong’s drug policies here.

There are many reputable stores that sell Modafinil online, but due to what they see as stricter import control in Hong Kong, they won’t ship it directly.

That doesn’t mean it is impossible, though. You can order from retailers like this, then use a proxy or mail forwarding service like Skypax to have them send it to you.

A bit more expensive, but several users have reported that the method works and they were able to retrieve their shipments without much incident.

Keep in mind there are tons of supplies online. You find a full list of companies who sell Modafinil online on this page.

There’s Always Adrafinil

If prescriptions and proxy shipping sound like too much for you, then there is another method.

Adrafinil is a non-prescription drug that is very similar to Modafinil but not restricted in the same way. Hence, it is usually easier to get than Modafinil is in many parts of the world.

Adrafinil isn’t exactly the same as Modafinil, though. Instead of the brand and generic pills you’d get with a shipment of Modafinil, you’re more likely to find Adrafinil in powdered form. It’s brand pill, Olmifon, was discontinued in 2011.

Since it’s no longer available in pill form, Adrafinil users weigh their doses on a tiny digital scale. Many users also invest in empty pill capsules so that they can create their own pills with a pre-weighed dose of Adrafinil inside.

Another way Adrafinil differs from Modafinil is in how it’s processed. Unlike Modafinil, Adrafinil must be metabolized by the liver before it can enter the bloodstream. Through that process, much of the drug is lost. Because of this, most Adrafinil users take about three times the dose as compared to Modafinil.

One final thing you’ll want to consider with Adrafinil: Since it’s first processed by the liver, there are potential risks involved with liver damage with the extended use of the drug.

Wrap Up

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? Modafinil is a prescription medication used to treat narcolepsy. It has off-label benefits as a cognitive booster, which is why so many people take it without a prescription.

It inhabits a sort of legal gray area, where possession is OK in most places, but you need a prescription and imports are strictly controlled. Hong Kong is one such place.

You can obtain it from online vendors but may need to resort to some shipping trickery to get your package past the border.

Adrafinil is a non-prescription alternative that works similarly to Modafinil and isn’t restricted in the same way.

You’ve got your options, and we wish you the best in narrowing down exactly which route will work best for you!

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