Athletic Greens Review

As a health and nutrition blogger, I’ve been wanting to try Athletic Greens for a while now.

I first heard about this “superfood powder” from Tim Ferriss – he says that if he had to pick only one supplement to use, it would be Athletic Greens. I then heard other famous people (Joe de Sena, Dagmara Wozniak, Tommy Baker, and Dr. Rajan Chatterjee, are just a few ambassadors of this “superfood drink”) boast about how this is the one and only superfood supplement everyone who cares about their health and nutrition should add to their diet.

“A must for optimal performance,” “the most nutrient dense food supplement,” “all-in-one nutritional insurance,” “helps me to get the most out of your mind and body”…

Sound too good to be true? I had to find out!

So last month, I purchased a one-month supply of Athletic Greens to discover for myself whether this green powder supplement lives up to the hype.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know…

Reviews are not always written by people who have actual experience with the product. Sometimes they are written by someone who has just pieced together information from other sites and resources.

This one is a real and genuine Athletic Greens review.

And how do you know it’s a genuine Athletic Greens review?

It’s easy once you know what to pay attention to.

  • Genuine reviews will not sound like a sales pitch in tone and language. It will tell you things the way they are experienced, and will not try to convince you to buy anything.
  • Genuine reviews will include real pictures – not stock product pics downloaded from the internet.
  • Genuine reviews will have plenty of little details about things like taste, texture, color, smell, etc.

Here is what my bag looked like:

Athletic Greens bag

Please, bear with me – photography is not my strong skill. I just snapped these pics with my phone and did not realize they were not that great until I saw them later on my computer.

So, what do you get for your money with Athletic Greens?

Let’s find out.

First Impression

When I try a new product, it is very important to me that the directions are clear. I’d rather not let anything go to waste just because the manufacturer didn’t clearly lay out how their product should be used. Athletic Greens had the directions on when and how to use their powder, front and center.

I opened the package and mixed it in with a glass of water. As per the directions, I stirred for 20 seconds, and it mixed quickly. I didn’t get any chunks or unmixed portions. This was good news – I’m too lazy to use my blender, so I probably would not even finish the monthly supply if the powder did not mix well.