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Where To Buy Phenibut Online (Updated: 2018)

New to Phenibut? If you have any interest in knowing more about Phenibut or you’re interested in trying some, this list of reliable suppliers will give you some direction.

Top Phenibut Brands and Distributors

In distinguishing them, some are small and dodgy and others have a solid track record of customer service and product quality. Most are in the USA – some are not.

Corpina Recommended

  • Powder City Phenibut HCL Capsules (www.powdercity.com) (out of business)
  • LiftMode Phenibut Crystal (www.liftmode.com)
  • Absorb Your Health Phenibut (www.absorbyourhealth.com)

Other Phenibut Suppliers

  • Advance Nootropics (www.advancenootropics.com)
  • Best Price Nutrition (www.bestpricenutrition.com)
  • Rx Outlet (www.rxoutlet.net)
  • Sea Coast (www.seacoast.com)
  • Sun Nootropic (www.sunnootropic.com)
  • Agestop (www.agestop.net)
  • Intellimeds (www.intellimeds.co.uk)
  • Mind Nutrition (www.mindnutrition.com)
  • Mind Regard (www.mindregard.com)
  • Nootropic Nexus (www.nootropicnexus.com)
  • NutraPlanet (www.nutraplanet.com)
  • Smart Powders (www.smartpowders.com)

Phenibut resources

We’ve done a lot of research about phenibut (personal and academic) here at Corpina. Check out some of these articles for more info on this unique nootropic:

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