Can't find Phenibut at GNC? Here's where to get it.

Can’t Find Phenibut at GNC? Here’s Why (and Where To Get It)

can you buy phenibut at GNCOne question I frequently get, is whether you can still purchase Phenibut in GNC and other local stores.

The short answer is, unfortunately, no — not anymore.

How is it that the largest online supplements distributor doesn’t carry Phenibut?

Read on to learn more about what exactly Phenibut is, why GNC is no longer selling this product in stores, and how you can safely purchase it online.

What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a popular and effective nootropic supplement which reduces anxiety and is mildly stimulating.

Upon examination in its powder form, Phenibut is white and crystalline and has a strongly acidic taste.

It also mixes easily in water, though you may prefer to take it in capsule form to minimize the unpleasant taste.

It acts as an agonist for GABA-B receptors in the brain, reducing symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. But how does it stack up compared to other treatments for anxiety?

While one of the most common treatments for anxiety is to take benzodiazepine drugs, these drugs can take some time to take effect and commonly cause unpleasant symptoms such as sedation and cognitive impairment.

To get around these problems, the Soviet researchers developed Phenibut in the late 1960s. In stark contrast to benzodiazepines, Phenibut relieves anxiety by lowering inhibitions.

Users can feel motivated and unstoppable, meaning they feel reduced anxiety without the drop in productivity you would observe with benzodiazepines.

This drop in inhibitions has also led to comparisons to the “date rape” drug GHB. However, users tend to feel more active than passive. A significant perk of Phenibut is that its effects are almost immediate, which led to a huge boost in popularity.

Phenibut is an option that actually works, and fast. Its popularity continued to increase until GNC pulled the product from its stock.

The question is, why would GNC stores stop selling Phenibut if it is actually extremely effective at managing anxiety?

For starters, in the United States, Phenibut isn’t regulated, meaning it is typically sold and marketed as a nutritional supplement. This means any negative effects that customers experience due to taking it can have a negative effect on GNC’s public image.

However, another potential issue is that with Phenibut’s growing popularity, sales were harming pharmaceutical company’s bottom line by causing a drop in sales of benzodiazepines.

Phenibut is one of the few nootropics that has an immediately noticeable impact — in other words, it’s something that scares government and thus puts a burden on free enterprise.

Are There Any Risks to Taking Phenibut?

Unfortunately, taking Phenibut does have some potential risks.

Ostensibly, these health risks are the reason that GNC decided to keep it off the shelves—it is a major company and can’t afford the negative public opinion associated with keeping a potentially risky drug in stock.

The risks include some potential negative side effects that some Phenibut users can experience. Perhaps the most frustrating effect of taking Phenibut is how easy it is to develop a tolerance to the drug.

It can take only just a few days in a row of taking Phenibut to start to develop a tolerance, meaning that the user has to take more and more over time in order to gain the same beneficial effect.

Another potentially negative effect of taking Phenibut is that many users experience notable withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing use. Some describe withdrawal symptoms as resembling a hangover, with some experiencing headaches, and nausea.

Taking extremely high doses can cause some to experience hallucinations, but the dosage required to experience this negative effect is so high that this is extremely rare.

It should be noted here that Phenibut isn’t the only nootropic that carries a risk of tolerance and withdrawals, among other negative side effects. B

enzodiazepine users also frequently develop a tolerance for the drugs and risk withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking them, along with other negative side effects such as drowsiness and cognitive impairment.

Benzodiazepines also take much longer to have any positive effect on sufferers of anxiety.

Many of the risks associated with Phenibut can be minimized by being aware of potential side effects and using caution.

In order to minimize your risk of developing a tolerance to the effects, for example, you can take Phenibut only when you need it (such as once a week) instead of taking it every day.

To avoid withdrawals (should you decide to discontinue use), you can gradually scale back the dosage over time.

How to Safely Purchase Phenibut Online


You may have heard that you can find Phenibut at other local pharmacies and stores such as Walgreens, CVS, or Whole Foods.

While this may be true at the occasional local pharmacy, this doesn’t mean that it’s true across the board. In order to avoid wasting your time driving to a pharmacy or natural health store that doesn’t even carry Phenibut, inquire beforehand. However, you should still be discreet.

This is because even though it is legal to sell Phenibut in the United States, it is an unregulated product with some well-known potential negative side effects.

This means that stores could be held responsible if a customer decides to abuse Phenibut and is harmed as a result. As a result, many pharmacies and stores have decided that the risk for financial liability is too great and refuse to stock Phenibut at their locations.

Your best option for purchasing Phenibut is to purchase it online. My preferred vendors are Absorb Your Health, Nootropics Depot, and LiftMode. Not only do these vendors consistently have Phenibut in stock, they also offer a high-quality product.

However, you don’t have to just take my word for it. If you prefer, you can also do your own research. Make sure to look for companies that are dedicated to authenticity and transparency.

You can also go on forums such as Reddit or Longecity and talk to people who have experience purchasing Phenibut online from reputable vendors.

My preferred Phenibut vendor is this site.

I suggest that you ask questions:

  • Where did they purchase it from?
  • Was the process simple and cost-effective?
  • Do they feel that they received a quality product?

As long as you do your research on Phenibut itself as well as online vendors and as long as you know what you are getting into, ordering Phenibut can be a safe and easy process. You may even wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

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