Can't find Phenibut at GNC? Here's where to get it.

Can’t find Phenibut at GNC? Here’s where to get it.

can you buy phenibut at GNC“Do local stores carry Phenibut?” is a question I regularly get asked.

If you’ve visited GNC’s website or local GNC store in the hopes of buying Phenibut, then likely you’ve found nothing.

How is it that the largest online supplements distributor doesn’t carry Phenibut?

Can you buy phenibut in GNC stores?

Sadly, no.

Phenibut is one of the few nootropics that has an immediately noticeable impact — in other words, it’s something that scares government and thus puts a burden on free enterprise.

Like benzos, but not quite

While Phenibut is a powerful anxiolytic, it doesn’t work quite the same as benzos.

Whereas benzos are sedative, Phenibut behaves the opposite way. It acts as a motivational-booster; it can give you that added push, as though you feel invincible.

A lot of people have even compared it to GHB (the date rape drug).

While these reports are anecdotal at best, I can only imagine how phenibut “could” be banned if it was popular enough, which is probably why it’s not sold in GNC stores.

Can you buy Phenibut in Whole Foods, Walgreens, CVS?

You can contact your local retail pharmacies, apothecaries, and medical stores to see if they have stocks of Phenibut.

Many Phenibut users report that big pharmacies such as Walgreens or CVS used to carry it in a small percentage of their stores.

However, just because one Walgreens carries phenibut does not mean all Walgreens carry it.

For many pharmacies, stocking phenibut is not worth the potential legal risk, so you need to inquire about it in your nearby stores and be discreet when doing so.

Phenibut is legal, but many of the stores don’t take the risk by keeping it in stores because they would be responsible for customers who abuse the substance.

The best way to buy phenibut is to purchase it online here.

I prefer buying from Absorb Your Health and/or LiftMode, because they both consistently have phenibut in stock and the quality is second to none.

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