The Unsettling Neuroscience Behind Online Dating

The Unsettling Neuroscience Behind Online Dating

In recent years, online dating has increased at a rapid rate and it makes finding a new partner a lot easier than finding one in the real world.

In the real world, humans have a way of making their way through intricate complex words and identifying signs that may indicate some level of compatibility.

This is the way humans have found partners for millions of years but online dating has changed this.

Online dating has taken finding the right person to a new level and one that is seriously changing the way in which people meet.

Love is addictive and as humans, we need to feel loved and online dating provides us with a new way of finding it.

When we meet people, we feel attracted when the pleasure chemical known as dopamine is released and that results in us wanting more intimacy while making us feel like we have formed a bond.

The History of Dating

The history of dating does not require a huge explanation. It was a case of meeting someone you were attracted to and getting to know them better before taking it to the next stage.

However, this is 2017 and technology is now re-wiring our thinking to the point where we can now meet people in a completely different way.

For those who are maybe a little less confident or feel uncomfortable in a real-world situation, online dating is perfect and that is why the number of people who use online dating is growing year after year.

The Facts and Figures

It has now got to the point where many people who meet via online dating sites are now getting married and that is a figure that is on the rise, in fact, almost a third of marriages originate online.

The facts go a little further than that because meeting someone online also statistically gives you a better chance of avoiding a marital break-up.

Almost 60% of people believe that online dating is a great way of meeting new people while 20% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 take part in online dating, all of which can lead to marriage where people are now experiencing a higher rate of marital satisfaction.

Therefore, it seems that online dating is becoming more superior to that of offline dating. Breakup and marital satisfaction follow a similar pattern following online dating and that suggests that online dating leads to a better outcome.

Online Dating and the Feel Good Factor

From a psychological aspect, online dating provides individuals with the ability to benefit from meeting people in an environment that is suited to them and their needs.

It makes it possible for individuals to access profiles of people that they have an interest in and then decide whether they feel that they may be right for them.

This provides them with the ability to take their time over their selection without finding themselves in a position that is fraught with pressure which can remove any stress, anxiety and fear.

Many people thrive on the confidence they have when it comes to dating while others have very little confidence when it comes to meeting new people but online dating makes it possible for everyone to meet someone.

There is no right or wrong, there is no putting yourself in an awkward position and because of that, people can make better decisions and that relates back to the statistics about marriage and satisfaction.

The science behind online dating is vital and the algorithms that many dating sites use are put in place for a reason – to help people find a right match.

What Does the Future of Online Dating Hold?

It is clear to see that people are turning their attention to online dating when finding their next partner. It is a process that is simpler when compared to that of offline dating.

To add to this, when the future of online dating is considered, it is believed that around 7 out of 10 relationships will be formed by those who meet online by 2040.

A lot of research has been carried out on online dating and it does play a big role in way people meet. The simplicity is almost unrivalled, which is something we find attractive as humans.

There are fewer challenges, which make it possible for people to process feelings and thoughts in a clear and efficient way.

Meeting someone face to face and getting to know them can prove difficult and stressful, particularly for those who are not keen on meeting new people.

By putting yourself in this position in front of someone you find attractive there is a risk that things could go wrong and that makes online dating perfect.

The environment of online dating is one that fills people with comfort and assurance and that in itself removes any pressure.

It removes any ambiguity that may surround intentions and that makes individuals feel less vulnerable than they would if they approached someone in the real world.

Online Dating Makes it Easier to Make and Break Bonds

When attraction occurs, an emotional bond is formed but when an attraction occurs online, it makes it easier to deal with any negative emotions that may arise from a break-up or general bad feeling between two people.

This enables people to break bonds more easily from an emotional perspective and that is a positive.

The feeling of being able to access a wider pool of people when dating is something that certainly puts people at ease and this is a short-cut that can be used in order to get to know someone.

However, what people may not be aware of is the fact that dating sites do all they can to match individuals up with others of the same interest but this is no guarantee that people will get on when they actually meet in person.

Therefore, there is still that element of risk but the risk is lower, and that is what makes online dating a preferred choice of many.

One of the problems that can arise from online dating is the fact that people can exaggerate their profiles – making them sound like someone they are not.

This can have a negative impact on people once they find out the actual truth. Online dating seems to soften the senses because a quick, cursory glance at a profile may make it feel like they are a good match, when in reality, they could not be further away from it.

The split decision that is made when entering a room full of people is taken away from you and sometimes, that ability to think things through a little more when online dating can work in a negative way.

The Popularity of Online Dating

Online dating once had a bad stigma attached to it but that has been shaken off in recent years because it is now seen as a good way to meet other people.

These people would have once been classed as desperate but this is no longer the case as it now provides people with a new confidence that enables them to become more sociable and have a higher esteem.

As mentioned earlier in the article, the stats surrounding online dating prove just how much of a useful tool it has become. It is now not only a tool that is used by people in their 20’s or 30’s because it is used by older singles who may have come out of a long-term relationship or marriage.

This is where online dating gives individuals an element of control over who they meet and when they meet and that in turn provides a greater feeling of satisfaction.

Dating has always been seen to be a tricky and challenging task throughout the years as it can often take some time to find the right person and it can result in low confidence and self-esteem if things do not go to plan.

However, now it is easier to get in touch with a number of individuals in one go as opposed to having to speak with people on an individual basis as was the case before online dating.

This efficiency and ability to meet the needs of people with busy lives, people with a lack of confidence and those who do not feel comfortable dating on a face-to face basis is exactly why online dating is becoming a preferred choice.

Online Dating is a Simple Choice

When it is considered that online dating can be carried out at home and out and about thanks to a wide range of apps, it puts dating at the fingertips of those who feel that it is now an important part of meeting new people and that is the kind of access that we expect these days.

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