My Experience Buying From ModUp.net (+ Massive Discount)

Update January 9, 2018: Modup.net is currently closed. Sad – they have been a great at processing orders and making sure they arrive, also never any issue with refund or reshipping.

Use AfinilExpress for your Modafinil / Armodafinil needs instead.

modup closed

This is my review of ModUp.net, a popular online portal for purchasing Modafinil and Armodafinil tablets, which some are calling “the ultimate smart drugs.”

They are currently causing quite the stir among the online nootropic community thanks to some interesting changes to their contemporary business model, which I’ll cover here.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a well-regarded wakefulness-promoting agent and a renowned nootropic compound that was first developed to treat narcolepsy.

Also sold under the name Provigil, Modafinil has been shown to help those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and work shift disorder (aka shift work sleep disorder).

Modafinil’s precise method of action is unclear, but it is believed to affect substances inside our brains which regulate our sleep/wake cycle.

Modafinil has also been used to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), depression and dementia.

One Reddit user loved their experience on Modafinil so much that they posted under /r/Nootropics to say, “As a person with depression, Modafinil has been an absolute godsend.”

This person then elaborated, saying, “This drug completely overrides the fatigue caused by depression. Basic daily tasks no longer feel like running a marathon!”

Other users have echoed this poster’s opinion, singing the praises of Provigil for its potential to boost mood and invigorate them with optimal energy “without all the shitty brain-numbing side effects of other antidepressants.”

But Modafinil is not technically an anti-depressant, at least it’s not marketed that way. As an off-label drug, Modafinil can be used to treat any number of maladies.

Its chief use as a nootropic is as a cognitive enhancer and that is just how ModUp.net markets themselves.

What’s ModUp.net’s Story?

Their official slogan is, “Providing cognitive enhancement.” And that’s just what they do! ModUp.net is one of the leading nootropic vendors for Modafinil. They are one of the oldest sellers of generic Modafinil online, if not the oldest.

Hence, they earn the title of Modafinil OG. 🙂

Their homepage may look fairly low-rent, but like the man said, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. ModUp make up for their sparse web design with strong customer service and user tools.

ModUp.net has distinguished itself from other vendors by offering affordable pricing (“Buy Cheapest Modafinil Anywhere”) and allowing their customers to buy Modafinil with Bitcoin. In fact, customers are given a 33% discount when they pay by Bitcoin.

Their homepage screams, “Buy modafinil for just $0.99 per 200 mg tablet!” As anyone who has ordered Modafinil from other vendors can tell you, this price is a steal!

So why should people order the supplement that ModUp.net calls the number one smart drug? Well, as mentioned above, Modafinil is a powerful cognitive enhancement tool.

It helps users to improve their energy, focus and attention while warding off the grogginess associated with the comedown from stimulants like caffeine.

Why order Modafinil from ModUp.net?

Because you want Modafinil, of course. But why order from ModUp instead of Duckdose, AfinilExpress, or one of the many other new vendors (such as ModaPharma).

Public opinion about ModUp is overall positive, with a variety of reviews popping up on forums and noot sites.

This user on the Bulletproof forums had heard news of ModUp’s brand of Modafinil being “weak,” but he was happy to report that his experience with it was anything but.

On the contrary, he says that he took one pill and was “blown away.” This is a common reaction users have to Modafinil. And it goes far towards explaining why they are classified as a reliable modafinil supplier on Reddit r/Nootropics FAQ.


ModUp prides themselves on offering expedient shipping and ideal options to all of their customers. They offer both standard postage (21-day delivery time) or rush shipping (7-day delivery time).

What’s more, if your package does not arrive, ModUp has a contingency plan. They will offer you free reshipment or, if you prefer, a free refund.

My package arrived on time, as expected.

standard modalert 200 from my review of modup.net

Standard Modalert 200mg tablets.

It is nice to know that a company can be trusted, but it’s also hard to know when one is trustworthy. With options like these, it is clear where ModUp stands among the pack.

Pricing & Customer Service

As I mentioned earlier, ModUp.net provides visitors to their site with pricing, transparency, and educational literature.

Their site includes a helpful forum where customers are free to discuss not only things like dosage and drug experiences but also any gripes they have with their experience ordering Modafinil from the site.

the modafinil forum at modup.net has helpful service

Classy service from ModUp.

I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised when I first visited the site and saw forum activity displayed on their homepage.

One look and I realized that users can freely discuss their experiences. In the nootropics space, that is a sign of transparency and shows confidence in their ability to deliver a quality product.

Further, ModUp.net has a chat box on the homepage. That’s almost unheard of in the Modafinil space, let alone the nootropics space or even health supplement industry.

review of modup's chat box feature to order modalert

The chat box on ModUp’s home page.

What’s more, a member of the ModUp team named Victoria keeps a close eye on this activity and regularly asks for posters’ customer ID numbers so she can help them track their packages.

Bravo to Victoria and co. for making sure their customers are taken care of.


One area where ModUp doesn’t exactly excel in is expedient shipping. Their standard shipping method takes as long as 21 days to arrive and costs $17.99. In this way, any savings you got from ordering from them is lost to postage.

For those looking to get their package within the week, they do “rushed” shipping which costs $24.99 and usually arrives within 7 days.

shipping costs from modup.net 21 days and rushed 7 days

However, it’s worth noting that popular vendors like Duckdose and AfinilExpress occasionally have shipping problems (even ModafinilCat was late from time to time).

So, perhaps the extra shipping time is worth the assurance that your Modafinil shipment will arrive without a hitch.

A Heads Up

Not everyone is so enthusiastic about ModUp.net. As with any company, they have their lovers but they also have their haters.

ModUp detractors include a user on Longecity who reported having a horrible experience with them.

“I have processed my payment via PayPal to them…and I have not received tracking information so far (it has been 3 days).”

When I saw this post, I was perplexed. It seemed odd that this person wouldn’t receive a tracking number since tracking is one of ModUp’s top priorities.

Looking into the matter further, I found that ModUp did, indeed, resolve the matter with this customer.

“The PayPal account the customer paid to was closed down,” she says. “So we issued a refund to all customers affected, and sent them an email asking them to reorder.”

As with any business, complaints come up. And when ordering Modafinil (or any other nootropic supplement) on the internet, one bad review can really change the way people think about your business (Corpina is no exception).

Customers have made other kinds of complaints about ModUp, many of which resemble complaints made against other vendors.

This is a gripe that has popped up on multiple forums, but it’s almost always a “he said, she said” sort of thing where the person posting says they heard from someone else that ModUp’s product wasn’t as strong as they’d hoped.

I’ve ordered from ModUp a few times, and felt that both their Armodafinil (my preference) and Modafinil tablets worked great, just as expected.

This only leads us to conclude that users should try it for themselves before trusting what anonymous forum members have to say about it.

Buy Modafinil using Amazon Gift Cards

You can also buy modafinil from Modup.net using Amazon Gift Cards through giftmove.com. Giftmove lets you use your Amazon Gift Cards to make purchases at almost any online store.

Step 1:

Go to giftmove.com and paste the link to modup.net:

modup gift card

Step 2:

Specify which items you want from Modup.net, the total price including shipping, and your shipping information.

modup gift form

Step 3:

Here you’ll be asked to buy (or send) an Amazon Gift Card to giftmove.com. You can buy a custom gift card with the exact amount you need, or send an existing code to giftmove.com. Follow the instructions on this page then click submit.

Step 4:

Review and confirm your order. When you click submit, your order will be processed and shipped. Giftmove will use your information to place an order through Modup.net on your behalf. So you’ll get an order confirmation email from Modup within 24 hours.

modup gift confirmation

And that’s it! Using Giftmove, you can make those gift cards become anything you want! Even if that happens to be modafinil.

ModUp.net Discounts & Coupons

Customers who use Bitcoin can get a whopping 33% discount on an order with ModUp. While Bitcoin discounts are not unheard of, I have yet to see another vendor offer such as large discount for order with ‘coin.

In terms of Discounts and Coupons, I didn’t find any. Alas, there are few websites out there offering legit coupon codes for this website.

Note: I will update this page regularly with any new coupons that ModUp gives to Corpina readers.

However, ModUp does offer 10 free pills as a trial kit and vouchers are available. This is an amazing deal for anyone looking to try Modafinil for the first time, without wanting to place a larger order. (side note, AfinilExpress also sells Modafinil in small volumes, though no freebies.)


To summarize, ModUp is a long-established company with a largely positive reputation among residents of the nootropic scene.

Their Modalert 200mg tablets worked just as well as those from ModafinilCat did back in the day, and as well as my most recent orders from Duckdose and AfinilExpress.

They appear to be a viable option for those seeking quality generic Modafinil.

Click here to go to ModUp and order Modafinil.

Have you bought Modafinil from Modup? If so, please share your experience in the comments.

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Shane L - March 24, 2017

The OG of Modafinil!

I have been ordering from modup for 3 years, when I have had problems they have been quickly resolved.

Huge respect to modup for allowing customers to openly post complaints and feedback, this is a rare honesty in todays world.

Matthew - March 25, 2017

Yeah, got to echo Shane here…been with these guys for a couple years now and love their honesty too!

    Rocky - March 27, 2017

    It is rare to find such a transparent vendor in the current market, I hope they keep this up!

R. Mill - July 10, 2017

Very disappointed.

    Dan - July 10, 2017

    Hello R. Mill,

    Thanks for your comment. Could you elaborate on your experience buying modafinil from Modup.net?



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