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HGH Injections: Silicon Valley’s Hottest Health Trend in 2017

While it used to be that women were the number one group looking for the fountain of youth, more and more men today are beginning to turn to HGH injections as a way to look and feel younger.

Some men will get to the age of 30 and start to realize that the aging process is about to kick into high gear, knowing that wrinkles could be right around the corner. However, age is just a number, and it never means that the fun has to end.

After taking the time to scour the studies on anti-aging, savvy men everywhere are now learning that HGH, human growth hormone, is the perfect answer to the fountain of youth.

Could you be a prime candidate for daily HGH injections?

Many men who go through with a full regimen of HGH injections will find a decent amount of advantages over a short amount of time.

In general, there are improvements when it comes to sleeping habits, and mood ends up being a whole lot more positive. The injections are also said to offer a way to feel more rejuvenated, and the skin will often be much tighter and fresher looking.

If you are someone who works out on a regular basis, you will usually see that your recovery time after going through the toughest workout can be cut in half.

Some men will even have the added benefit of little or no chance of a hangover after going out for a few drinks while taking part in the HGH regimen.

What Exactly is HGH?

Human growth hormone is a protein that is produced naturally by way of the pituitary gland and is responsible for stimulating the growth of bones, cells, and muscles all throughout the body.

HGH is also one of the first proteins to go starting in the late 20s to early 30s where the natural production of growth hormone will begin to decline and keeps on falling.

Doctors that specialize in the realm of age management are continually looking into the use of synthetic growth hormone to reverse some of the signs of aging, which is a substance made in a lab while using a variety of amino acids.

While the results are anecdotal for the most part, many patients report regular changes for the better. Such changes include improved workouts, shorter recovery times, improved libido, tighter skin, a boost in memory, better sleep, lowered body fat and a decrease in blood pressure just after a few weeks of going through with daily HGH injections.

This is why so many entrepreneurs today are looking at this youth serum as their answer to being brighter, healthier and more productive in every aspect of their daily life.

As you get older, you know that you want to be able to be your best for as long as you possibly can. You need to be healthy, you want to be able to lose fat while increasing muscle, and you have to find a way that you can look and feel better overall.

All signs are pointing to HGH injection therapy to being the answer that you need to check all of the boxes and to get on the path to prolonging your youthful years as long as you possibly can.

Should you take HGH?

The main roadblock in the way is that HGH is not altogether legal.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of human growth hormone for people whose bodies are not making enough of it, including adults with growth hormone deficiencies or degenerative muscle disease, or even kids that have growth issues, the off-label use of any form of HGH is completely banned.

As a matter of fact, this happens to be the only medication that cannot be legally prescribed for anything other than the indicated use.

Additionally, HGH injection therapy can be very pricey, with many treatments costing about $800 to $1500 every month, all depending on the amount that is needed.

Human growth hormone is not a drug that is covered by insurance, so you will be paying out of pocket unless you are in one of the different study groups that are sanctioned by the FDA.

If you happen to be one of the people who may not truly be deficient in growth hormones, science points to the use of HGH that is synthetic to be worthless.

Numerous studies have been done showing that only modest changes can be shown to the composition of the body for someone who is otherwise healthy.

However, there are some studies that still speak otherwise, noting that patients who have been through a traumatic brain injury can get encouraging results with the use of HGH injections.

There has also been notable research that has shown that the HGH can have a tremendous impact on overall athletic performance, including high powered spring capacity for any athletes that often jump.

What About the Dangers of HGH Injections?

As with anything, there can be the potential for harmful side effects. Some of the signs that people should look out for, especially older patients, will include carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain and the development of excess water.

There can also be some risks involved for any patient who has a predisposition for the development of diabetes, as well as concerns about the potential of certain cancers developing with regular use.

However, the studies that have been performed are very few, and they are largely inconclusive as a whole. Until the drug companies want to get on board with full sponsorship of the research that is necessary, it may be difficult to get a clearer picture of all of the benefits or downfalls of using human growth hormone.

The doctors that have been administering the HGH injections remain unconcerned for the most part, with many having patients who are enjoying incredible results with their injection therapy protocols.

For the most part, the hormone therapy can bring their patients up to their optimum levels, and many of the guys who get the benefits are those who are normally stressed out and overburdened by their busy jobs and home life.

Maybe they lack sleep, or they are not enjoying the level of concentration that they have been used to. These are the patients that could reign in all of the advantages of regular injections to be their best self each day.

HGH is a substance that is in your body when you are born, so when you may use it with the guidance of a physician that you trust, you will be able to enjoy the many benefits.

For example, some men who are in their 50s or 60s will often be able to feel as though they are 10 to 20 years younger when going through the HGH protocol.

For example, adding Sermorelin GHRP 6 – a common type of HGH injection – to a testosterone replacement plan for a 58-year-old male will often show vast improvements in health.

This includes everything from muscle health, memory, improved sleep quality, the ability to lose weight while gaining lean muscle mass, and increased endurance for regular workouts.

So, if you are a guy who is always on the go, dealing with the daily stress of a busy, demanding job, participation in athletics with a local sports team, and juggling a family life, you could be an excellent candidate for quality HGH injection therapy.

When using HGH safely, you will find that this can be as close to an anti-aging drug that you could ask for. Instead of trying things that do not work, you could be on your way to youthfulness without the risk of adverse side effects and be able to perform better than ever.

Will HGH injections be the answer that you have been looking for on your quest to look younger, feel younger, increase your memory and achieve results in every aspect of your life?

The best way to find out is by setting up a time to discuss it with your physician to see if it is right for you.

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