Corpina's 5 Top Nootropics (Updated: 2017)

Smart drugs that actually work while having minimal side effects number very few. These are the best nootropics that we suggest which can give you a good cognitive boost and which do not come between you and a good day at work. 

Please refrain from getting sucked into marketing-speak and numbers that probably are too good to be true. We give you the middle-ground where the benefits may not be extreme but so are the repercussions. That is our definition of "best": the nootropics that lead to the maximum happiness.

Remember though, these are not a substitute for proper food and rest. You should never take these while neglecting your daily routine.

Top Nootropics That I Couldn't Live Without

These are what we think offer great bang for your buck while not compromising on quality with negligible side-effects.

I'm not suggesting any random supplements here. These are the best nootropics that I personally take every day to stay sharp.

By sharing them with you, I hope that you may enjoy their benefits too. 





Duck Dose - Modafinil

Enhancing cognitive performance contributes to one’s overall well being. The only other way to increase mental prowess is through exercise, which some of us don’t have the time for. Fortunately, Duck Dose brings you Modafinil which is FDA approved for its wakefulness promoting properties. This performance supplement is manufactured by the reputed Sun Pharma.

Axon Labs - Nexgen Stack

It is hard for some of us to get intense focus and concentration. It takes a toll on one’s mental energy as well. Axon labs bring you Nexus and Mitogen, the ultimate nootropic stack. Nexus activates the system to achieve enhanced cognitive function and Mitogen fuels mitochondria thus maintaining peak mental performance. Together, the Nexgen stack accelerates your brain for improved functioning.

Natural Stacks - Magtech

There are a lot of people who suffer from sleeplessness and lack of quality sleep. This means that they are restless throughout the day and it eats into their productivity as well. MagTech from Natural Stacks gives you quality sleep and enhanced clarity during your shift at work. It has 3 types of magnesium known to have the highest absorption, L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate.

Natural Stacks - Curcumin With Coconut Oil


Inflammatory symptoms are a common problem with most people and they seem to break out at the most inappropriate time. If you are looking for the best product that can help you soothe those sores, then you need to check out Curcumin from Natural Stacks. It comes with added coconut oil which is found to have anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

If you have the habit of freezing mid-speech out of anxiety you know how bad it gets sometimes. Kicking the habit is also not going to be easy. If you need something that can help you with it then Phenibut might be what you are looking for. It is a GABA derivative which means it can cross the blood-brain barrier and quickly helps you relax and feel good.