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Onnit Review: Is Joe Rogan Telling the Truth?

You’ve all heard about Alpha Brain, it’s one of the most widely covered proprietary blends on the nootropics market. A fairly common combination of Alpha GPC, Bacopia Monnieri, Huperzine A and other popular mind-enhancing supplements, Alpha Brain has been touted as an advanced brain booster. Alpha Brain is the brain child (pun very much intended) […]

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The Quest to Enhance Human Intelligence

The race to enhance human intelligence is on. To put it in the words of Eliezer Yudkowsky, “Anything that could give rise to smarter-than-human intelligence – in the form of Artificial Intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, or neuroscience-based human intelligence enhancement – wins hands down beyond contest as doing the most to change the world. Nothing else […]

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My Experience with 3 Mood Boosters from

In this article, I will review three products from – a seller of premium nootropics, cognitive enhancers and smart supplements. The products I tried are all regarded as mood enhancers. Introduction People who experiment with nootropics generally take it for one reason: we want to improve ourselves. We want to get ahead of the […]

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The 3 Best Nootropics for Mental Energy

Nootropics are widely known for enhancing specific cognitive abilities such as concentration, learning capacity, memory and mood. But many nootropics can also work more generally by increasing mental energy, which in turn optimizes all aspects of physical and cognitive performance. What Is Mental Energy? Mental energy is a very old concept that has only recently […]

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