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Brain Toniq – a Clean and Healthy Nootropic Beverage

It seems that increasingly often these days, people will turn to a beverage for a boost in their everyday lives.

Energy drink consumption is practically universal, and caffeine serves as the backbone for many peoples’ days, especially in the morning. They’re portable, convenient, and serve as a cultural depiction that humans seek to push to themselves to their limits and beyond.

The downside of most energy drinks, however, is that the ingredients are targeted mostly for short lived stimulation which leads to a debilitating crash soon after. Plus since they are primarily caffeine-based, energy drinks can interfere with sleep patterns, which causes tiredness and the cyclic need for more and more of them.

Where energy drinks fail, there is one beverage that stands above the rest in terms of cognitive enhancement and pure healthiness. It is Brain Toniq, the so called “clean and intelligent think drink!”

 No other drink on the market has shown more efficacy as a nootropic, and managed to do so without stimulants such as caffeine!

Why is this drink so special?

Brain Toniq is labeled as a “functional beverage” which is marketed specifically towards busy people who must use their brain a lot throughout the day, such as office workers and engineers.

Many of these target groups are known to be imbibers of typical energy drinks, for the purpose of increasing focus and mental energy. The differences that Brain Toniq makes are a completely original ingredients list, plus the goal of providing clarity rather than pure amperage when it comes to boosting the brain.

In a relatively small 8.4 ounce can (about a regular red bull size) of Brain Toniq, there are far more components than there are in energy drinks. If you look at the nutrition facts in formulas such as monster or rockstar, most of the “boost” comes from high amounts of caffeine and sugar, if not a small amount of added B vitamins.

Although caffeine can be considered a nootropic, it only has small amounts of potential compared to a full-fledged cognitive formula. TrueToniqs, the company who produces Brain Toniq, advertises their product as containing 5 to 36 times the amount of active ingredients as a typical energy drink, allowing for a much more potent effect.

Although the exact amount of each ingredient is unspecified, the can reveals an impressive 1.8 grams of formulation. This is comparable to what is usually up to just 200mg of pure caffeine in other drinks.

Another notable fact about Brain Toniq is that it was designed as a healthy beverage, incorporating ingredients that are suitable for diabetics and those otherwise sensitive to sugar, or even caffeine. It doesn’t contain any caffeine, and it is sweetened using agave nectar, which has a much lower glycemic index than the typically used high fructose corn syrup.

TrueToniqs advocates “throwing away all of the junk” that is normally found in beverages, and instead using only natural and wholesome contents. Indeed, all of what’s found in Brain Toniq is found in nature, including the flavoring which comes from the extracts of citrus fruits.

All of the information regarding purchasing and ingredients can be found on the Brain Toniq website, which is

Ingredients of Brain Toniq

The formulation list of Brain Toniq is fairly intricate but not exhaustive, including several herbs and some natural, well-absorbed sources of choline.

Many of them are often used by themselves as nootropics, and are chosen to synergize well with the other components. Here is a brief summary of the ingredients and what their purposes are:

Eleuthero Root Extract

Also known as Siberian Ginseng, this adaptogenic herb is often used to help fight fatigue. This is great for aiding with stress, as well as improving the oxygen supply to the brain.

Rhodiola Root Powder

Another adaptogen, Rhodiola is used to combat symptoms of fatigue and the associated decrease in mental performance. It is good for the purpose of boosting overall energy levels and reducing anxiety as well.

Alpha GPC

A popular choline supplement that is known as being very quick to cross the blood-brain barrier, which is helpful when one is taking any of the racetam class drugs. By itself, Alpha GPC is a memory booster and concentration enhancer that raises levels of acetylcholine in the brain.

Blue-Green Algae

This is algae harvested from the wild, which is packed densely with nutrients that are essential to the brain and body, such as vitamins and amino acids. It can have antidepressant effects and help to maintain healthy functioning of the mind.


Another precursor to acetylcholine within the brain, causing the aforementioned effects of boosted intelligence. It is also useful for the removal of fatty deposits that can gather in the brain throughout the course of aging.

Overall, the design of Brain Toniq appears to focus on first eliminating feelings of fatigue, and then providing a nutritive boost to support the production of essential neurotransmitters.

It also seems to aim at treating some of the symptoms of common mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, making it a great drink for everyone to try!

My Personal Experience with Brain Toniq

After hearing about all of the fuss about Brain Toniq being so healthy and mentally lifting from a podcast, I decided that I had to try it out!  I went over to my local Wegmans supermarket and purchased a four-pack for around $8 USD.

Yes, the price is a bit high, but to my understanding that is because the healthy organic agave nectar is one of the most expensive sweeteners to produce.

I decided not to complain, however, because the taste was refreshing – not too sweet, and with a light and natural citrus taste more akin to juice than soda. It is slightly carbonated, which can help with the absorption of the nutrients inside it.

As I sipped on my first can, I did notice a slight lifting of brain fog while I was working on this article, allowing me to do my research more quickly and without as much hesitation on the typing. In addition, it was helping me relax a bit better from the anxiety-inducing side effects of the steroids I’m currently taking for an allergic reaction.

I thought to myself, “wow, this drink actually does work!”

It was much more helpful than any energy drink ever had been for my thought processes, and it had a sort of positive mood effect that I recognized as being similar to when I took DMAE or alpha GPC. I definitely felt like I was happier and more focused, with no side effects noticed. I also observed that future cans I had drunk didn’t dwindle in effectiveness, although having two cans in one sitting didn’t appear to be extra effective.

Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone, especially to those who want to experience nootropics in a quite pleasant, relaxing way that stimulates the taste buds.


Brain Toniq is truly unique, bringing the benefits of a nootropic stack to a delicious liquid form that can be served cold and refreshing.

Not everyone will always need the mental boost, but the mood benefits of this drink are always helpful to productivity and de-stressing during a long work day.

Plus, it does taste good enough to be enjoyable as just a beverage, without all of the caffeine and sugar to worry about. Head down to to get ahold of this formula.

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